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Wednesday Wisdom: Summer Business Mornings

July 20, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Onondaga Lake Kayaking Morning

As the dark coffee grinds settle to the bottom of my French Press awaiting hot water to transform them into a fresh, tasty sip of goodness, the humid breeze rushes through my kitchen window carrying the scent of basil and tomato plants outside of it. A purple butterfly flitters by as I looked through the pane as I gently push the top of the press down into the glass container mixing with the grinds. “Ooh, summer business mornings are really good,” I say to myself.

Looking for inspiration for today’s “wisdom,” I check the weather forecast, see no chance of rain (even though it wouldn’t matter to my athletic spirit if there was some), drink my coffee and throw my bike in my car. Adorned in pink so I can TikTok a message to my friends with cancer, I drove to my favorite lakeside bike trail and make my video, upload it, and bike for 45 glorious minutes taking in the smell of the water, missing the geese strolling slowly in my path, and nodding periodically to another biker with my bald head and Ray Bans. “Aah, summer business mornings are really good,” I once again say to myself.

Onondaga Lake West Trail Biking Morning

Around 10 a.m. when my morning mental and health check are done, I turn on my computer and type away this message for you today. Why write a Wednesday Wisdom on a Wednesday if you feel inspired to write it on a Tuesday? Answering business email requests and phone calls fell into line after the writing, and there was still time in the day to contemplate writing some more since checking social media showed numerous members off enjoying vacations. 

So this particular Wednesday Wisdom, born on a beautiful summer morning, is to remind you that entrepreneurship is different in the summer so if you’ve delayed your own daily health or mental routine to soak in the goodness of the season, reset your soul, stimulate your mind, or purely enjoy friends or family at poolside visits that can only occur this time of year, realize you are missing out. Guilt doesn’t work well when the sun is shining. Staring at the phone to ring for a new contract doesn’t happen if clients are on vacation. Wishing for a rainy day so you can do more work, is wishing away this exceptional time of year. Don’t do it. Change your thinking.

Onondaga Lake – July 2022

Not long until you see winter jackets hanging in the stores, school buses practicing runs, green lawns turning yellow as they age, and the calendar flipping to Labor Day weekend. Don’t blow the best, and sometimes, most fruitful time of year to fill yourself up with all that is essential – coffee, poolside sips, writing, biking, swimming, eating with friends – because summer business is such a short lived gift. Enjoy it.  

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