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How Valuable is Your Reputation?

June 23, 2022

Thursday Thoughts, Inspiration, Business Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Female Athletes

Tracy and Scott Higginbotham – 2019 PGA Championship in Bethpage

You may or may not be a golfer, but the subject of this post doesn’t matter if you are because everyone’s reputation is important to them – especially if you are a woman entrepreneur operating in a visible marketplace.

By now you might have heard about a new golf league crashing into the historic PGA Tour with its historic length of time hosting the best tournaments and players. LIV, the new golf tour, is tantalizing players with money, novelty, and lighter playing schedules. In fact, the LIV purse is three times larger than the PGA’s but is controversial because it is backed by Saudi financing and will use two of Donald Trump-owned courses.  

Rory McIlroy – 2019 PGA Championship – Photo by Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham

Just like in business when competition comes to town stealing, or persuading, customers from long-time enterprises, people have to consider the pros and cons of switching from loyal brands to lesser known ones. In the golf world, pros and agents are mulling over money vs. morality causing rifts and stress. It is a heated discussion. I for one, believe in loyalty and have dropped following my former favorite PGA players like Dustin Johnson and Brooks Kopeka on all my social media because of their decisions. I’ll just focus on the players I already truly like including Rory McIlory and Jordan Speith.  

I think in the end if more millions of dollars in the now LIV golfer’s bank accounts or less time playing competitive golf with more rest days, matters more to them or their reputation in the history books, than go “fore” it.  

2019 PGA Championship – Bethpage, NY – Black Course

For all of us who won’t make a million dollars in our businesses on a yearly basis, stick to watching your reputation, staying loyal to your customer base, and keep an eye on your social media accounts because you’ll witness the decision to remain honest, loyal, and humble, benefits you in more important ways than money ever does.

Keep in mind once you lose a good reputation, it is very difficult to get back. Choose wisely.  

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  1. Marion andrews permalink
    June 23, 2022 7:14 am

    I appreciate your support and kind words. I have my Rock you painted for me front and center on my altar of inspiration. I will be in touch! Love you my sweet sister.



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