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Prompt Your Creativity

June 21, 2022

Tuesday Thoughts, Creativity for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Sitting comfortably in my pool house, painted the color of peanut butter with white fluff colored trim, I nestle into a mahogany chair belonging to a member selling her office furniture. Pink hat and pink glasses on, wearing my fuchsia branded company running shirt, I secure a computer camera, test the volume and sip a cup of dark rich coffee waiting for a Zoom lesson in creative writing to begin.

At the ring of a bell my educator, a woman entrepreneur, appeared on screen with beautiful blonde hair sitting in soothing seafoam green room. “Good Morning,” she says. I’m giddy with delight to talk and learn from a regional member as the cloudy skies finally allow sunshine to stream on my desk. Immersed in conversation, with a large white writing pad at my side, we begin our discussion which will lead me into a creative writing mindset.

Rome, New York – Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham

The hour and a half lesson with fun writing prompts goes fast. At one point after closing my eyes, I’m taken to a favorite meadow, sitting among tall grasses and wildflowers, to center myself and glean the wisdom abounding from the setting. If read my weekly inspirational posts, you already understand nature is perfect inspiration for me. As the guide prompts questions and I write answers in long form, my journey as a more creative writer begins.

Today’s blog post is to inspire you to do one of two things. First, consider hiring a coach or consultant to help you get over any hurdle in your business. It could be a creative hurdle like mine or a financial, business or planning hurdle too. Where you are stuck and how can someone else deliver a solution?

Second, plan time in your calendar to be creative. Creativity comes in many entrepreneurial forms such as writing, speaking, designing, planning and collaborating to name a few. What areas of your business world could use more creativity? Do you need prompts like I did to settle into a creative mind frame to advance your work? If so, do something constructive about it to move forward.

Before there were coaches and consultants, I hired a graphic designer or artist to open up my creative self. I needed to get inside their minds to morph my vision. Time spent with them was always beneficial. Sometimes opposites attract and create new visions and opportunities for a business.

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