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Monday Motivation: Keep Your Spirit From Getting Restless

May 23, 2022

Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Sports, Female Business Owners

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham – Sea Turtle Adventure

You know you are onto something really good when a new goal you set lights your spirit on fire. The “knowing” is not a logical phenomenon but a soul lifting one. I experienced this last week on a family vacation to the beautiful U.S. Virgin Island of St. John’s, tucked away among other islands in the indescribable turquoise, emerald, aqua blue color of the Caribbean.

With my half completed, long list of every sport to try once in my lifetime, I knew this was a week to slay a few of them, little did I know the pure excitement they would hold.

The Higginbotham’s Deep Sea Fishing Excursion – St. John’s Island

The week began with a deep-sea fishing trip in 6-foot ocean swells. Feeling like we were in the movie “The Perfect Storm” we rode the waves for an hour to get to the perfect North Rim where tuna was hanging out. Snagging four at the same time, one of our tunas was ingested by a 10-foot, 400-pound Dusky Shark, as witnessed by all after a 2-hour reel-in-fest by the men on the boat. I wanted to reel the monster in too but was told I might get pulled overboard so instead I held the backs of the stronger men on the boat and participated that way while checking deep sea fishing off my list.

Following that adventure, our family made its way mid-week to an island bay known for sea turtles. With my new Mother’s Day gift of a Go Pro for my new lifetime feat of trying every sport once, we shot photos and videos swimming with these gentle sea turtles – another first for my athletic list – although I’ve snorkeled before, but never with these ocean beauties.

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham – Stand Up Paddle Board – St. John’s Bay

The last day we ventured over to the larger Cinnamon Bay,  only to discover to my delight one more item on my sporting list – Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP). The wind was wild, the waves choppy, but my attitude as always was adventurous. $75 later almost giddy with excitement I jumped on the board. To say, I loved the experience is an understatement, it was wild, freeing, challenging, and down-right exciting. Did I fall? Yes, once. The first time. Did I get up and try again, and again, and again succeeding? Yes, I did. Do I have a new sports love? Yes, I do.  

Today’s Monday Motivation post is to remind you that trying new adventures, whether in business, life or sports, is what your soul needs to truly live. Resting on what we know is good only up to a certain point in time. When our soul gets restless, we must revise and realign with new visions and goals and then do all we can to achieve them. So, announce your intentions out loud for all to hear, then “jump on board” and get going to experience a new ride of a lifetime.  

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