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Monday Motivation: Switch Your Mindset

May 2, 2022

Monday Motivation, Monday Mood for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

Tracy’s Monday snail

Black goo all over my fingers might be the start to one of “those Mondays,” if I allowed it. Trying to beat the maintenance men taking their lawn mower on the West Bike Trail before me forced me to jump on my bike too quick, kicking the chain off its track. As the mower men proceeded through the gate, I allowed myself to calm down, take a deep breath, and realize it was only 8 a.m. and the start of a busy week, was this really the way I wanted to start it?

Thank God for my mechanical mind, I got the chain on the track and started biking on a muggy Florida-like temperature morning calming me down. “Ah, this is so much better,” I said to myself. Within a few minutes shadflies (aka lake flies) were using my bald head, pink lipstick, and sunglasses like the windshield on my car, pegging me for what seemed like a mile. There went the mood again.

Lake Flies

Tenacious to the core, I was not going to let my all-black smudged greasy fingers from fixing my bike and dead fly juice on my spectacles and forehead stop me from my morning bike ride. Onward I biked starting to switch my Monday mood to a happier one as the endorphins started pumping.

About a mile more into the ride, the flies left and I noticed a multitude of snails with their necks stretched out carrying their shells on their back crossing the paved bike path. Trying not to hit them as they made their spring journey to the lake, I weaved in and out of the little slowpokes trying not to become a murderer on such a lovely Monday morning. It was like a bicycle obstacle course.

Again, I tried to create a Zen mindset telling myself to find 5 things that were beautiful as I proceeded. A red cardinal within the light green leaves popped out, a path of newly budded trees once bare along the water, the sound of calm lapping water, a quaint cove with two swans in it, and a girl sitting on a rock looking out at the water, where the 5 items I noted seeing that lifted my spirit.

So, if your Monday is starting out the way my bike ride did, then I suggest you do what I did and think of 5 good things about today so far – a warm mug of coffee, lighter traffic commuting to work, the smile of a co-worker, a boss on vacation, etc., you get the picture. We have the power to mentally turn our negative thoughts and events into positive ones in a flip of a switch… if we aren’t as slow as the snails in my path.

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