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Friday Feeling: Restarting Can Be Perfect

April 22, 2022

Friday Feeling, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Female Owned Companies

If the two-year pandemic taught us anything, it is that restarting anything you began in the past is simply okay and necessary.

With the yearly and almost daily introductions of new social media options, women entrepreneurs ponder their value. They might tip their toe in the water creating a YouTube Channel, Tik Tok account, or try their hand at Instagram live or Twitter Chats. For me, starting a podcast reading my inspirational business words of wisdom was staple of my daily work life until I felt it just didn’t gain enough traction.

Now two years later from the last podcast, I was encouraged to try podcasting again with a rebrand and new vision in mind to begin sharing my experiences of trying every sport once in my lifetime and bringing other women along for the ride to inspire them to try more athletic and adventure feats. So I dug out my microphone, relearned how to tape a show and upload it and started sharing it on my more constant social media sources.

Like any habit forming task, it takes repeated attempts to remember to do something new and motivation to keep trying even if it takes awhile without apparent results (aka followers or downloads). If you want to communicate something important than you have to be willing to talk into silence for a while until the right audience finds you and likes you.

The moral of the lesson is to not start something purely for the outcome, but rather because you truly want to do it. It will take many more hours of not seeing results before you watch them pile up. Don’t look at your share and download or likes, but rather how you feel every time you’re done with a new episode. If you feel good about what you’ve said, then that is good enough until like everything in life, others find you and start listening to you habitually. It will happen. Keep on going if you love what you are doing.

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