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Living Fearless – In Life and Business

April 14, 2022

Thursday Thoughts, Inspiration, Fearless, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs and Females in Sports

Women TIES & Women’s Athletic Network “Flying into Success” Group Photo

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. We can be innately afraid of something that is unexplainable but part of our being like my distinct fear of frogs which my mother said I had since I was a toddler. Or life can make us afraid like my fear of flying in an airplane after losing a close friend in one of the 9/11 planes. It doesn’t matter where or when the fear is established, but rather that we don’t let it stop us from living our best life.

Today, when five brave women joined me at one of my new lifetime sport goal events – the flying trapeze – there was a spectrum of both excitement and fear as we prepared to fly. Giddy laughter, cold hands, resolute spirits, and even women not willing to try it, gathered around to witness the special occasion.  As typical in leadership style, I volunteered to be the first one to ascend up the wobbly, orange tall ladder that leads at least 2 stories high to the “board,” the small platform one stands on as you reach out with toes over the top of it as the instructor holds you back in place.

Mandy Ravelle, Co-Owner of RocCityCircus

With no fear of heights, I was not bothered by the very long distance from board to the net below, and then the floor below that. Trusting my friends at RocCityCircus and knowing there weren’t any frogs in the net, I was ready to launch. I knew I was safe. I hoped my hands wouldn’t slip off the handle and my hat stayed covering my bald, alopecia head. But other than that, I let go with unabandoned joy to fly in the air (with the greatest of ease) until I was told to drop. What a thrill!

Then I watched the women entrepreneurs who joined me take their turn. Most climbed the ladder quickly, positioned themselves properly and took off. A few of them, with more trepidation, needed some extra coaching and encouragement from our wonderful instructor Mandy Raville and the peanut gallery below. But just like the brave female business owners that they are, they finally jumped, flew, accomplished their flight, and landed safely. I ran to them to hug them as they flipped off the safety net to show them how proud I was of their bravery.

Mission Accomplished!

None of us are made for the Circus, especially me as a Bearded Lady, since I have no hair to my name, but with some more practice I’m sure I could fly more gracefully on the flying trapeze. It is amazing what giving up something fearful can do for a woman. To be fearless and attempt something new empowers you to believe you can do anything else new, the next time, until you run out of new things to try.

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