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Announce that BIG Goal Out Loud

March 24, 2022

Thursday Thoughts, Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation for Women in Business, Women in Sports

Whose voice is that on my computer this morning? Whose definition of feminist means to support women financially every chance we have because the world for women won’t change until women change the world for women. Have you ever announced a goal – like a really big goal – and had so much positive feedback you wondered why you didn’t announce it sooner?

Well, it is my voice on a popular podcast called Normal Lies with Linda Heeler and the name of the episode is “Undaunted by Lies.” I share my new large life goal loudly on it. Sometimes women don’t broadcast their big goals to others because then we are in deep commitment of it from that point forward. After raising $8,000 to run on a charity bib in the 2017 Boston Marathon, I knew there was no way I wouldn’t finish the race because not only did I announce it, but people gave money for me to run.

After finally deciding to announce my new big life goal of trying every sport once in my lifetime, I have received multiple invitations from women to join them in their favorite sports or to create an opportunity to do something on my list with other women because they think it is a cool concept too. To date, I’ve been invited to bike 20 miles in an annual Erie Canal bike race in June, try a Karate class with a woman I’ve never met in person but only online, to being asked to speak to physical education classes to inspire youngsters in the area, and to get curling and parasailing on the list of events this year.

“Mom, I want to go spear fishing with you,” my youngest son said. “I want to try archery and disc golf with you,” my oldest son announced. It is pure excitement to be a catalyst for others to try something new and empower them to try various sports and adventures in their lives. Who would have known when I broadcasted this goal, my whole world would open up to cool experiences with new and familiar people.

Today’s blog post is to motivate you to announce your secret goal out loud today and share it with others not only to be accountable to your dreams, but to empower others and take them along with you on the ride – or to inspire them to do something new themselves. What I know for certainty is that women are inspired by other women so let’s be bold in our plans, goals, and in sharing them with others.

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