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Monday Motivation: Entrepreneurs Work for Tips

March 21, 2022

Monday Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business, Female Business Owners

The bustle of a local diner on a Sunday morning was apparent from all angles. Deciding to stand in a short line to be seated since it was our first time at the new diner located right next to our church, my husband and I thought it was worth it. As a waitress yelled, “Who is Thomas (the name we use since Higginbotham is impossible for people to figure out) and is your entire party here?” to which we replied, “Yes.” “Over there than, that booth near the window,” she barked.

The same waitress approached our table took our drink order and didn’t return for a bit as she snapped at other tables in her area. Eventually returning to take our food order without a thank you or change in her rough voice, she left. Only to return 25 minutes later with our food.  We ate quickly, asked a bus boy for a container to go, and asked for the bill figuring our endearing waitress wouldn’t come back quick enough.

When she did, she grabbed our check which had the 15% tip (only) already on it, returned and never said thank you or have a good day. We assumed she felt the tip wasn’t enough or her lousy attitude was consistent. As we walked out the door, I said to my husband, “Doesn’t she realize she controls how much tip she gets by her attitude and service? It is the only non-fixed part of her wage where she has control.” Treating customers with a warm tone, more respect, and less attitude would have increased her tip by a couple bucks.

Every woman entrepreneur works for “tips” if you think about it. Tips might not be change or dollar bills left at the table, but rather repeat business, referrals, and buying other product or service items from the same company. Our attitude – rough vs pleasant, rushed vs. patient, or rude vs. polite – in all situations helps us earn new or repeat business from customers (aka tips). Nothing is given, everything is earned in business, especially in today’s economy when prices are increasing and customer service makes the buying decisions.

“I wouldn’t go back there again, would you?” I asked my husband. “No,” I wouldn’t” he said without a second to answer differently. The one person who could have changed our mind about that decision was the only person we came into contact with that day resentfully doing her job.

Today’s post is to motivate you to remember that your attitude, tone, service policies, and staff play more of a role than you think in earning repeat business or referrals. Think wisely today and every day if you want customers to come back for more or to earn larger tips.

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