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Ode to Ukraine Women: Supporting Women on the Battlefield

March 17, 2022

Thursday Thoughts for Women in Ukraine, Women Supporting Women


As I covered my bald head with my camo hunting hat my mother-in-law bought me as a gift since I was hunting for the first time with her only son, she thanked me for going with him to ensure he didn’t have to go alone opening day. All his hunting buddies couldn’t go and he was used to sharing the much-anticipated start of the season with someone. Since I surprised him by taking a 10-week online hunting course so I could experience his favorite pastime, and then shot at a gun range, we both felt I was ready to go dressed in my camo and blaze orange.

So, when I heard the news report yesterday that Ukraine women, who left their homeland to obtain safety in nearby Poland, were returning to fight against Russian forces alongside their husbands, sons, and fathers, it moved me because that is what I would do; and not because I have good aim or fearless thinking about war, but because I wouldn’t leave my men, country, or freedom without fighting for it. Believe me, I have not been, and continue not to be, a woman who loves guns, fighting or the idea of killing anything, but put in the same situation as these women, my mind would change.

All I could do on my long bike ride, with my camo hat on, (view my verbal message on my TikTok account) which probably seemed bizarre to those use to to seeing me in bright pink hats representing women, was think about the decision these Ukraine women are facing, ultimately making, and will be challenged with soon. Combined with watching last night’s Hamilton the Musical in Syracuse, where the first act is about Hamilton, Jefferson, Washington, and other forefathers, literally fighting for our country to be free from Britain in the 1700s, I understood even better why these women want to fight for their country’s freedom.

Opening Deer Hunting Day – 2021 – Tracy Higginbotham

Sometimes walking in someone else’s hunting boots or listening to the words of a play created around historic moments, gives you insight you might not otherwise gain unless you put yourself in someone else’s place. My simple wish for these women fighting on the front lines, neighborhoods, and once children’s playgrounds, is for their protection and ultimate success in fighting and winning. We don’t need camo hunting hats to stand in solidarity with these women, but prayers, love, and support in some form help. I especially hope you join me in asking for their protection from above.  

Women need to support women no matter where they are – in the boardroom or battlefield.

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