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Wednesday Wisdom: What is Your Legacy?

March 2, 2022

Wednesday Wisdom, Hump Day, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

Jill Bates, Susan B. Anthony, Rachel McClean, Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham in Rochester, NY

Looking back over time, it is easy to witness the goals we did not accomplish as they stand out in bold ink on the pages of our life’s greatest attempts. Those goals could have been big or small, with good reason or not for finalizing them, but still they linger in our spirit urging us periodically to revisit them.

A fourth-place finish at the Olympics, an unpublished memoir, not asking for a raise, or a business contract that ended and not renewed, all of these could be examples of failures women face. They can be significant or insignificant depending on how important they were at one period in life.

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Seneca Falls

Can you imagine being Susan B. Anthony, not knowing that women would get the right to vote, and die before you, the fierce pioneer for women’s suffrage, had a time to fulfill your biggest dream of going to the polls to vote with women by your side? I often wonder if she, and other suffragettes, died peacefully or unsatisfied that they did not see their life work come to fruition. Would they say the struggle was worth it as they took their last breath, not knowing forever they would be remembered for their valiant efforts and life changing affect on the world?

A combination of reading an article about an African American woman who finally learned to surf after years of striving for her goal and witnessing the valiant efforts of the President of Ukraine defending his democratic country with the possibility of being killed, reminded me that difficult hardships, either of our making or not and how we approach the hardship, eventually leads us to rest or unrest mentally and spiritually.

As Women’s History Month arrives again and we each fight, in some way, for the freedom and truths of our lives, we mustn’t forget the women who went before us who strived and won; and the women of today fighting their own battle, whether it’s literally taking up arms in the streets of their homeland, or putting on a wetsuit laying fear aside and conquering a big wave, or running for office for the third time.

For me, it will always be about voicing the need for equality in business, sports, and life for women of today hoping for a more equal world for women to follow. It is my wave to conquer, my gun to carry, my right to make, and in knowing this, I, like so many women before me, move forward everyday trying to change the world, leaving a lasting imprint for a better future.

Women TIES Syracuse Event – A Day Without a Woman

This Wednesday Wisdom asks you this simple question, “What is your story? Your legacy? Your wave?” and are you willing to attempt it, and keep carrying on in the face of hardship and resistance knowing that in doing so you might not see the end of your work’s goal but knowing you gave a 100% commitment to making a difference in your life and others? Sometimes the win isn’t in the completion of the goal, but in the everyday actions to make the win eventually happen.

This is what Women’s History Month means for me. Thank you to the multitude of fearless women who led with truth and grit beyond recognition and reward at times. Let March drum up your truth and what you want to change in this world in your lifetime and keep stepping forward no matter what.

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