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Define Your Own Sense of Beauty

February 11, 2022

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They say, “Beauty is skin deep” and “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder,” both vintage and honest opinions about the subject, but there is more to beauty than these statements – especially what is considered “beautiful” in today’s world and seen in diverse settings.

Grand Canyon 2022 – Hiking Tracy

Just recently on a trip out West in our country’s beautiful national park system, I saw pretty women dressed in Pantagonia jackets with hair tucked inside The North Face fleece hats and authentic faces lit up by the air’s freshness to create natural pink rouge on their cheeks. Their clothes were rugged wear, boots, walking poles, and denims which were perfect for the occasion of hiking in and out of national parks. They didn’t need more than an adventurous spirit and healthy heart to explore and exist in nature, and their natural beauty matched the environment.

Wigged up Tracy in Las Vegas

In contrast to the park’s female guest appearances, just down the road in Las Vegas, were women donning glitzy sequin jackets, high heels, long fake eyelashes and two-inch nails, professional makeup, and painted on pants to walk up and down Las Vegas Boulevard taking in the city life and culture of the Sin City, as it is called. These women were also beautiful in a very cosmetic way. To the men, hanging on their arms, their beauty was all they needed, and most likely expected or demanded. It worked for these women if that’s what makes them feel beautiful.

Athletic Heathy Tracy

Today, I watched a video of a Charlotte female marathoner with alopecia, the same autoimmune disease I have, making her completely bald from head to toe. She spoke about needing to find her natural beauty after wearing wigs since elementary school. In her early twenties, she ditched the wig when she became a runner and has discovered her own natural beauty defined by her strength as a runner and bald woman.

2013 Dove Ad

In 2013, Dove, known for their SuperBowl Commercials and brand on natural beauty, showcased a video on how women define their beauty and how others define them. It is a must watch on YouTube called “You are more beautiful than you think.” Here is the link. It is six minutes. It will change your mind about your own view on your natural beauty.

What I hope today’s post will inspire you to define your own beauty sense whether it in athletic wear, hiking gear, sequins, or anything else that defines the style that makes you most comfortable with yourself, every moment of the day. Women don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations of beauty, only their own. It may be difficult at times but try your best to be as “natural” as you can be.

Alopecia Tracy

I can tell you I was happier out West in nature wearing limited makeup, athletic and hiking wear, with my pink baseball hat on top my bald head, then putting on my expensive real-hair wig in Las Vegas to blend into the other women which I felt I had to do to not feel like an outcast. Sometimes we dress up for others, but mostly we should dress for ourselves, wearing our own perception of beauty and wearing it proudly.  Be you, today….and every day, because you really are “Be YOU tiful!”

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