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Monday Motivation: Crossing The Goal Line

January 10, 2022

Monday Motivation for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Disney Marathon

Disney World conjures up all types of visions like typical thoughts of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Cinderella’s powder blue castle, parades, laughter and fireworks. Even the Super Bowl loves advertising the winning Super Bowl MVP traveling to Disney World the first thing after their big win. So yesterday as I monitored a friend compete in his first full Marathon – the popular Disney Marathon – where runners traverse wonderland for 26.2 miles, it reminded me how visions – our own and others – can produce positive outcomes in our lives.

Dan Kostelek – Disney Marathon 2022

The friend who ran, once asked me what it was like to run and complete the 2017 Boston Marathon, as a first-time marathoner. My emotional description, wise words of practicality, and encouragement might have spurred on his vision to do the same. He could see what I did and heard what it took and made a decision to do it. Yesterday, as I watched his live video crossing the 26.2 finish line with Mickey and Minnie nearby, it reminded me of the importance of visualizing one’s dream.

A year before I even knew I’d have the opportunity to join a charity team to run in the Boston Marathon, I asked Teresa Huggins, one of our Women TIES members to inspire women at one of our events on dreaming big. At the event, we had to write down what we saw ourselves accomplishing, sealed an envelope, gave it to Teresa for her to send back four months later. During the time I signed my card and received it, I had signed up to run my first marathon. The pink card I opened said, “I’m going to run THAT race.” Honestly, I didn’t know which race I meant until I received the card months later and decided to join 261Fearless on their team a month prior.

Team with Kathrine Switzer – Boston Marathon 2017

And like my friend Dan, I had people watching me online as I traversed the beautiful hills and roads of Boston to get to the finish line myself. I left my followers a video message of gratitude, almost falling into the curb because my legs were so tense from running that I couldn’t sit down, but they enjoyed my pure joy of accomplishing such a once-in-a-lifetime goal. I remembered that memory as I watched Dan’s self-announced ugly cry when he finished.

So, what do you want to put on a blank card for yourself right now, tuck away somewhere and read in four months? You can mark your calendar to remind yourself on May 14th to find your card and open it up.  If you want to do something more visual, you can join me Thursday, January 13th at our “Envision Your Future” Vision Board Creation Event, and start there dreaming of a yearly goal.

Scott, Tracy and Adam Higginbotham – Boston Marathon Finish

One way or the other, visualizing your own success after watching someone else’s or just conjuring up your own, will help you cross that big goal line down the road. Give it a try and let me know what you plan because I’m ready to cheer you on.

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