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Wednesday Wisdom: Go Beyond Standard

December 29, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Business Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

The Standard High Line Hotel, Manhattan

Just past the quaint West Village of New York City rose The Standard High Line Hotel, where we rested for one night, after ubering our youngest son and his girlfriend back to Manhattan unexpectedly after their transportation back to the Big Apple was altered. The hotel was anything but “standard” starting with its cocked position on the street, kitty corner to the river in front and Empire State Building in back with its bright yellow entrance way.

Their motto “We are anything but standard” was easy to notice with their red logo upside down on their marketing, movies playing in dark elevators, and huge door numbers on the fronts of all hotel room doors. You might also figure out they aren’t standard when you notice the tub, surrounded by all glass walls, sandwiched between the king bed and bathroom sink with the toilet in the closet. It might sound strange but it was quite interesting.

How many average hotels have you stayed in or partied in on past New Year’s Eves? Do you remember them? Where they standard or special? If you looked at Manhattan’s Standard High Line Hotel, you’d notice by their white lit holiday trees on their large patio surrounded by movie screens and tables to fight Covid-19 spacing, and a festive attached Biergarten that they went out of their way to be unique and memorable and attract customers to them.

So my wish for you on this last Wednesday Wisdom blog post of 2021, is to step out of your own standard way of thinking about design, packaging, marketing, and philosophy and take a clue from this West Village’s creative hotel to get thinking about rebranding, updating, rethinking, redoing, or being ultra-inventive yourself working on 2022 marketing ideas and design of all your visual materials, and maybe even business philosophy.

Wouldn’t you rather have someone like me sharing your unique business twist with their friends or not mentioning you at all because you didn’t catch my eye? Make 2022 a new, vibrant, “standard” type of year and see what new rave reviews you gain and who’s head you turn.

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