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Wednesday Wisdom: Money Magic

December 8, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Motivation for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses

Walking down the silent halls of the once bustling Destiny USA Mall, projected an eerie feeling in a typically joyful time of year for retailers. Once thriving storefronts with holiday specials, were visually boarded up with plastic wrap. Even the festive holiday balls hanging from the massive atrium were missing, and I couldn’t find Santa to get my photo taken. Major anchor retailers like Lord and Taylor and JC Penny showed bare shelves once packed with holiday sweaters, makeup boxes, and bling. All I could think about, not having not been to the mall in a long time, was how hard hit businesses were due to the Pandemic.

Most of the year I only focus on small, quaint, woman-owned boutiques, giftware, and services, never visiting gigantic malls or online stores partly because I’m not a shopper but also because I spend my money with women entrepreneurs. Sitting in my home-based office much of 2020 and 2021, I’ve missed the complete emptying of major streets and shopping buildings only focused on how to help the smallest of businesses affiliated with my organization or community so it shocked me to witness the wide open vault of gutted stores and restaurants as if “destiny” did in fact occur.

December doesn’t typically lend itself to sadness unless we’ve lost loved ones during the year or people we care about are struggling mentally or physically because somehow happiness is found in the small things like holiday sounds, sights, food, and faith. Most times for me, happiness is found financially or inspirationally supporting another sister entrepreneur. Walking down those vacant mall corridors reminds me where my heart lies and why sharing my buying mission is so important every week. It’s to garner enough monetary action that a woman-owned company doesn’t end up vacant like the mall

This Wednesday Wisdom, as you prepare your long list of tasks for the upcoming holiday, is meant to remind you not to forget about a sister entrepreneur who might need you purchase, advice, smile, ear, or shoulder no matter how busy you are. Make the extra time on your list to check in on other female business owners to make sure they aren’t facing a future of boarded up windows or aspirations themselves.

We in fact, as women with purchasing power, have the ability to change lives and keep doors open with a little touch of holiday cheer and money magic.

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