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Small Business Saturday With a Twist

November 27, 2021

Inspiration, Buying Power, and Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

The blustery weather accompanied by the warmth of a firewood heat has a way of making you want to stay indoors on a day like this, but when you are wearing a RBG rose-colored sweatshirt thinking about pay inequality and a personal mission for three decades to promote as many woman-owned companies as possible to help level the financial playing field, shopping clothes call to get your out the door and purchasing at your member’s female-owned small businesses in town.

Each year I encourage, and follow my own mission, for people to buy from female small businesses every Small Business Saturday and every day of the year.  But when we are all living in the post-pandemic business world where storage containers are still stuck in China, Amazon is making billions of dollars, and female entrepreneurs have been hardest hit by the lack of a traditional revenue-making year, it is up to women and men, to place their money in the hands, pocketbooks, and even Pay Pal accounts of woman-owned companies.

Women TIES Logo

In our inventory of members, we have original jewelry makers, authors, artists selling their works, shop owners selling clothes, notecard suppliers, restaurants offering gift certificates, and more. All it takes is a heart, mission, and action plan to get out the door and shop locally at a woman-owned company even if she is a seller of other people’s products. You are still putting money in her hands.

Because I believe in promoting regional and New York State businesses owned by women, online shopping is a total possibility if you don’t want to put on your hats, mittens and boots to shop on an inclement day. Ask away and I’ll supply you with their website links. Whatever I can do to support you in buying from women, I will do.

Shopping with a mission like supporting small business is essential for them and us each holiday season because people spend money this time of year. I passionately ask you to support me, in supporting them, and keeping women-owned companies surviving and thriving. I’m grateful for your shopping decisions.

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