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Ode to Dave Matthews: Wisdom in Watching

November 15, 2021

Monday Motivation, Monday Mood, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Entering the green lit perimeter of one of the iconic New York City venues with my “Love” hat, sparkling top, facemask, proof of vaccination, and my husband, sons and their girlfriends by my side, I hoped my 32nd Dave Matthews Band Concert would be all I hoped. Having watched them in many New York State venues, Madison Square Garden wasn’t one of them but it hummed of electric Manhattan energy.

With tickets on the 2nd level with fantastic acoustics, I melted into the atmosphere of over 15,000 other DMB groupies, while we sang their most popular songs at the top of our lungs. Every word. Every beat. Every light ray. We all sang, swayed, laughed, smiled, rejoiced, and lived each moment. It might sound corny, but it was a beautiful union of diverse people singing familiar tunes of one band in unison. Any diversity of age, gender, ethnicity, or sex, dissipated into the evening’s melodies and acoustic rhythms.

Madison Square Garden Dave Matthews Band Concert by Tracy Higginbotham

In a fleeting serious moment, as a woman entrepreneur who started her business two years earlier than Dave Matthews started his band, I relished in what he has done to really make it in a world of a million business owners. Sure, his God-given voice and musicianship helps with success, but thinking of how hard he had to market this product, play across the globe to gain a massive following, all while give away money to help many causes, is an entrepreneurial wonder, and one I marvel and deeply appreciate.

I have produced thousands of events over my three-decade career, spoken on stages to hundreds in the crowd, wrote a popular column for eleven years for my local newspaper, authored books, and have a pretty good “fan” following, but nothing like Dave Matthews. Jealousy doesn’t get you anywhere, but recognizing someone’s else’s success is motivating to the depths of one’s soul. Hats off to him and his hard-working band for the countless hours they contribute to their sound and success, always giving their fans a “good good time” as one of his songs is titled.

Today’s Monday Motivational blog post is to inspire you to watch your most popular bands, actors, actresses, establishments, CEOs, and companies and observe what they did to make themselves ultra popular and successful, and see if you can infuse some of their strategies, mindsets, or actions into your own life and enterprise.

You don’t need Dave Matthews voice to be a hit, you need fortitude, good fortune, and appreciation to gain that kind of success.

Dave Matthews Band at MSG by Adam Higginbotham

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