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Wednesday Wisdom: Training, Funding & Teamwork

October 13, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Another historic Boston Marathon occurred Monday, six months after being postponed due to the Pandemic, but that didn’t stop runners on Boston streets and virtually everywhere running 26.2 miles for a charity team or their own pride. As Facebook flashed memories from my 2017 Boston Marathon accomplishment and friends I ran with tagged me in photos, it showed that a combination of hard work, enthusiasm, and self-confidence can get you anywhere your heart desires.

Underneath the glossy photos were the golden nuggets of that running success – training, fundraising, and teamwork. I couldn’t have crossed that blue and yellow line in downtown Boston without these three pivotal elements. When I come to think about them, I realize just like crossing marathon finish lines, owning a company requires similar components.

Most of us couldn’t have started our companies without some type of entrepreneurial training from an organization, course, or book. Jumping into business ownership is something you have to know something about in addition to having a “road map” aka business plan. Once we took the risk to create our companies, we also learned training continues to be an important part of succeeding especially in new fields, like technology, that are introduced along the way.

Kathrine Switzer and Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, Hopkinton, MA 2017

Although the fundraising part of my Boston dream was raising $8,000 from 120 people to give to my charity, so I could earn a bib to run in it, female business owners have to muster money from somewhere to start their enterprises or grow them. Money doesn’t fall from trees so creative funding is another component of necessity for starting a firm.

Finally, although many women entrepreneurs are solo entities, we all know there is a low percentage of success if we don’t have some type of team around us to provide advice, physical help, knowledge, or even pep talks. Many of us end up with staff or interns or partners so teamwork becomes a part of our business lives. When running the marathon, knowing I had 100 other fearless sisters on the road with me that day for our team, fueled my energy to finish.

Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, Scott and Adam Higginbotham, after the race was done!

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is not to inspire you to train for a marathon, unless it is a dream or bucket list of yours and then give me a call, but rather to remind you that ongoing training, funding, and team support goes along way in adding to business success. Make sure you have all three at your disposal before you start or grow your company. By having all three, you have greater odds of crossing the finish line of your own race. 

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