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Wednesday Wisdom: Financing Dreams

September 15, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Lights, Camera, Action! These familiar words might transport you onto a sound stage or into a film studio ready to perform. If you didn’t grow up with theater, dance or musical performances in your teenage days, today’s average selfie might have you hearing these words as you prime yourself to be seen.

Laura Thorne

Going from performing in the little leagues to the big times, only happens to a few people lucky enough to survive living paycheck to paycheck, serving dinners, bartending, or mopping floors, unless you are a talented woman with a dream of creating your own television show, like a couple of our members have done. New to the production side of the screen is Laura Thorne along with a partner Aldea hoping to creating the next best television show called “Off the Wall & Up Close,” the arts and culture travel show. Laura is raising funds through a crowdfunding effort similar to how I raised $8,000 to run with non-for-profit organization 261Fearless in the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Deborah J. Cabral, Organization Motivation

Not long ago, Deborah Cabral, created and produced her own show “Organization Motivation” in the Mohawk Valley to shine a light on the popular trend in home and business organization. Deb was so good at what she did she had sponsors, advertisers, and took her television show nationally. Wanting to support her, I advertised on her show when it first came out. Why not be on television in my hometown region, market Women TIES plus financially support another women in business? And yes, I have financially contributed to Laura’s show too.

When women entrepreneurs are faced with the need for financial funding, take these examples to heart and consider crowdfunding, sponsorship solicitation, advertising, credit lines, and even traditional loans if you can’t swing your new creative endeavors another way. 

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you there are plenty of online resources, websites, and ideas (make sure they are credible) to help you fund your next book, division, staff hire, or even television show. Get creative. Ask for money. Finance your dreams one way of the other. Make sure you don’t borrow too much and you work out a mini-business plan to ensure you can handle the financials and repayment amounts, but don’t let traditional financing methods stop you from your dreams. We all need some new positive, female produced shows to support and lift us up! 

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