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Wednesday Wisdom: High on Life Again

June 23, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

There wasn’t a literal bucket in Section 228, Seat 22, in the Bronx but there should have been one. High above the sights and sounds of a New York City suburb, clouds stretched down from above touching my shoulders on a hot and humid day. It made no sense chills would run up my arms at the same time ignoring the 90-degree temperatures in this American institution, but I knew why. Proudly wearing blue and white with a new pink hat, my son bought me for the occasion, we linked arms, exchanged smiles, and sat down for my bucket list adventure of seeing the New York Yankees on Father’s Day Weekend fifteen years after I promised my father, I would take him there, but didn’t because he passed away suddenly one beautiful July day.

There are some things in life that put a smile on your face and this weekend’s experience was one of them. Everywhere you looked the blue and white stripped brand colors of the Yankees appeared on everything – jerseys, hats, foam fingers, and even beer cans. My “Pinstripe Pilsner” was my favorite beverage of the day because it was branded. When an unexpected emergency of a woman fainting as I passed her going to the bathroom, even the cold, water bottle I used to cool her down with alongside her husband had pinstripes on it. “I’m so embarrassed, thank you,” she said to me as I got down on the ground to talk to her until the emergency staff came with a wheelchair. “It’s okay these things happen once in awhile and I’m happy to help.” She whispered, “You’re an angel.” I figured it was another sign from my father that he was there.

Always known in my family for leaving any highly attended event before the crowd, we stayed to the very last pitch that sealed the Yankees come back win. I didn’t want to leave early because the dream was real and couldn’t be replaced even if I returned one day. I likened the experience to last week’s first live Women TIES event, since the pandemic, when some of my favorite Rochester women entrepreneurs embraced each other for the first time in a year, exchanged business cards, drank coffee, and listened to wisdom from another female business owner. The event stretched longer than scheduled including an impromptu lunch with a few members because I didn’t want to leave.

What I want you to feel in today’s Wednesday Wisdom is the excitement of life opening up again, the realization of long-time dreams, how your brand may make people smile, and how the company of people around, and maybe even above you, can make you happy. We’ve been serious for so long that new, fun, exhilarating adventures and dreams can feel more intense and gratifying than before. Give it a try. Say “yes” to a new networking event. Launch a new phase of your business. Double down on your branding. Go meet friends or clients for lunch. Live. Enjoy. Relate again.

You don’t have to be seated above a baseball field to experience the “high” of life and business connections again, you just have to put yourself in the game. 

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