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Monday Motivation: Passion Beats Age

May 24, 2021

There is much to be said about getting older whether it is embracing silver strands of hair once brilliantly black with shine, taking siestas when our once energetic bodies had boundless fuel, or considering exit plans for our companies when they age too. Aging isn’t for the soft-hearted but the bold people still looking for action, passion, and success as they “progress” through the years.

I’ve been fortunate to observe the women in my life age gracefully and with strength due to either their desire to stay fit, faithful practices based in their religion, and traveling to new countries abroad. A couple of them in their 80s actually still work everyday at their own businesses or their son’s practices. I dare say for them 80 is the new 30 which was the age when I opened my first company.

The talk of the weekend was about age if you follow golf – in this case men’s golf. Phil Mickelson became the first over-50-year-old to win a major PGA Championship. If you looked at how he played, you wouldn’t guess he was in his fifth decade of life. He rallied the entire day next to a 31-year-old Brooks Koepka taking the Wanamaker trophy in the end. The commentators spoke how Phil uses mantras, visualization and calm breathing now before he strikes the ball something he didn’t do earlier in his career.

In his case, “slowing down” was a key to success not a hindrance. Staying in shape and learning from failure were also factors. Twelve days before winning the PGA Championship Phil tweeted, “I’ve failed many times in my life and career and because of this I’ve learned a lot. Instead of feeling defeated countless times, I’ve used it as fuel to drive me to work harder. So today, join me in accepting our failures. Let’s use them to motivate us to work even harder.”

Although I typically find inspiration from women only, as a 56-year old woman who loves participating and watching sports, I tip my 2019 PGA Championship hat off to Phil for his wise words and tenacity for people still finding youth in their fifth decade. I also tip my pink hat and pink golf ball to the older women in my life who haven’t slowed down and showed me age is only a number, passion beats age in any situation.

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  1. May 24, 2021 2:29 pm

    Love this! And YAY Phil! What an inspiration!

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    • May 24, 2021 5:05 pm

      If you are over 50, then cheering on the “old man” was well worth it to prove that we half-century plus people have more life to lead and excel at!


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