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Wednesday Wisdom: Glam Up Your Marketing

March 17, 2021

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

The box sat on my office couch for a couple months, always beckoning me to open it. The package arrived on time just like I hoped but for some reason I let it maintain its pristine appearance until the day came when the contents were finally going to do their job.

This past Sunday in celebration of my mother’s 80th birthday dinner, the box was opened and the contents placed perfectly on my eyelids to enhance my alopecia look for my mom’s special day. It was a gift to her to have her daughter return to normal for a couple hours. Being more of a sporty gal than a glamourous one, the thought of wearing falsies went against my grain. I remember seeing an aunt’s friend wear such long fake eyelashes that they almost touched her forehead. I’ve never wanted to be or look fake so I’ve avoided replacing my eyelashes for three years.

Amazed that eyelashes could affix themselves well to a bald eyelid, I read closer how the black eyeliner was magnetic and so were the eyelashes. They easily attached together and held in place even on a windy winter afternoon. Who ever thought about innovating such a specific product in such a scientific way to assist women who lost their eyelashes to alopecia or cancer? Were they playing with magnets one day and the lightbulb went off? Had they been specifically ‘thinking out of the box’ to create this type of product? It is amazing what our imagination can foster.

At the end of the evening before taking the eyelashes off, I looked one more time in the mirror catching a previous glimpse of my physical self and thanking the inventor of MoxieLash for their brilliance in designing such a product for women like me.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom should inspire you to ask and answer this question, “Does my company provide the type of services and products that make customers grateful for our offerings?” How often have you thought about how helpful your business truly is to the people that utilize what you offer? If you don’t have an idea, consider reaching out to a few clients for testimonials, not only for your curiosity and satisfaction, but for marketing purposes too. If you get their approval to share their comments, it will help drive others to buy from you just like the positive comments did for me when buying eyelashes.

Sometimes in life and business we need to try something new to enhance ourselves and our work by shining a light on the “glamour” our services offer to the marketplace. 

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