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Wednesday Wisdom: Business Success Strategies on Ice

February 17, 2021


Wednesday Wisdom, Business Success Strategies for Women Enterpreneurs, Female Business Owners

The sun hadn’t crossed the horizon yet, the sky displayed various shades of grey, and the ground was frozen solid. All you could hear was the crunch of icy tundra, deep breathes from the sub-zero air making my lungs work, and a dog barking far away in the distance. Pulling a sled full of buckets filled with minnows, an auger to drill holes in the ice, a backpack with snacks, and bottles of water which started to form ice inside their plastic cases, I felt like I was on adventure in Alaska. “I can pull my own weight too honey, give me the sled,” I said to my husband on Valentine’s Day morning as I partook in his favorite winter activity.

Stay with me….this does have business wisdom in the story…

Once we walked a mile and a half on top the once fresh, flowing summer lake, we stopped at the perfect depth to set up the ice fishing shanty, drill two holes, put minnows on our hooks (okay I didn’t do that – a girl does have limits), relearn the skill of jigging to catch fish, and sitting down on a white plastic bucket waiting for fish to bite. The shanty was ready with a heater in case one of us got too cold to fish outside. When you looked around the lake all you can see were dots of blue, red and grey huts filled with mostly men ice fishing. I didn’t see any pink fishing huts or women on this adventure, although I was wearing my bright pink hat that caught the attention of the men in the parking lot. The feminist in me loved it.

In the serene hush of nature, as only nature can provide, I asked my husband why he ice fishes. I wanted to understand the mentality behind the sport. He said, “It helps me unwind. It’s peaceful. It helps me think.” Hmmm, I thought to myself. I do that in the summer in 80 degrees next to my pool. Eventually I moved inside the shanty to fish in the warmth of the heater when my pole took a big dive down in the hole and up came a large perch giving me a stink eye for yelling so loud and catching him. “Great job honey, that’s a big one,” my husband said. “Now put your pole right back in there and try again because if you get one then there are more down there to catch.” The addiction of thinking one more can be caught might be the reason people fish.

Through the tiny window in the shanty, I stared at my husband shivering in the cold and invited him in although it was a one-person space. We sat almost on top of each other’s to fit. “I’m so glad I came on this adventure with you,” I said to him jokingly continuing with. “Should we rename this hut the love shanty?” He sat serious waiting for his catch. Sure enough he caught one and I thought the fishing was over. “Not so fast,” my husband said, “There are more fish down there. You just have to go for them before we leave!”

Three hours later we walked back to shore as I pondered the lessons garnered on the ice that I hope inspire you today:

* Business is like ice fishing. If you catch one fish (aka client) you can catch more. Clients are out there waiting for YOU to do the work to find and hook them. Don’t stop until your bucket is full with prospects.

* Business should feel like an adventure at times – exhilarating, heart-pumping, fresh, and full of fun. If you have forgotten this feeling, rethink what you are doing and what you need to do to recapture the zest of entrepreneurship.

* Join forces with someone and try a new collaboration of sorts to open up your mind, spirit, and potential for success in a new area of business.

* Relish new methods, challenges, and situations instead of dreading them. Live and love being in business and all it brings to your table.

* Women entrepreneurs need to stay adventuresome. If you aren’t, you are missing something.

Thank you for bearing with me today as this Wednesday Wisdom took a bit of a creative turn. I hope it brought you a new perspective on living your life and running your company.

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  1. Krause, Lynda (USAUT) permalink
    February 17, 2021 11:20 am

    Love your fishy advice. Fish (spot) on!!! Shared with mike. Have a great day!


  2. February 17, 2021 11:46 am

    Thanks for sharing your latest adventure Tracy!


    • February 17, 2021 11:47 am

      Happy to do so Kim! It was fun and insightful for sure. I love adventure.


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