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Monday Motivation: Women Rise Up

January 11, 2021

Monday Motivation, Inspiration, Feminist Thoughts for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owenrs 

As the bus drove 120 women south to our nation’s capitol, the air inside our vehicles was filled with chatter, laughter, singing, and even a light show put on by the bus driver, also in our feminist mood. Announcements of women flying in from as far away as Alaska, announced over the speaker, set off cheers inside the charter bus I booked and filled with positive, smart, activist women from Central New York knowing more sisters were joining us to show the new administration and world, women can peacefully march to remind everyone we make up 52% of the population still lacking in 100% equality.

I said to my husband before I left, “I hope I don’t lose any of them during the Women’s March on Washington and we all return safely,” to which he replied, “They are adult women Tracy, they’ll be fine and you won’t lose anyone.” If I ever thought for a moment this hopeful crowd of females I took responsibility for was going to protest in violent ways, like last week’s Capitol insurrection, I would have never organized the effort. But I knew that they like I were there to just show up in numbers and be counted in solidarity on women’s issues.

As a leader of an all-female business organization, you know how to passionately lead others through words and actions. I never doubted every one of the 120 women coming with me, under my company’s name, were going to be anything but orderly, although they might be vocal carrying signs with their activist words for others to witness. Interestingly enough, someone saw me holding up my sign reading “Women TIES believes in the Buying and Selling Power of Women” with the Capitol behind me as she watched Gloria Allred’s movie, “Seeing Allred”. I was proud to see myself wearing pink with my pink glasses on top my head representing my company’s mission posivitely by carrying that sign.

As the angry crowd of Trump supporters breached the Capitol walls Wednesday, I watched in horror, like so many other law abiding citizens, because I was there in such a peaceful, beautiful activist way in 2017.  Only seeing “women” in situations as I watch life, I hardly noticed any women on the screens carrying confederate flags and climbing walls, only angry white men. I know there were some women there, just like we had some men at the Women’s March on DC, but the majority of the insurrectionists were men of all ages.  All I could do as I witnessed this unbelievable scene was to acknowledge publically what I was feeling on social media. My words read:

“I know with all my heart women need to be in more roles in every single aspect of leadership, politics, and life to show the right way to behave and act for our world, community and generations to come. No one will ever convince me otherwise.”

If you are reading this blog post, please be inspired today to look inward and contemplate what you can do personally to rise up into any social, community, political or business leadership roles to pour more female insights, attitudes, and intellect into today’s organizations, newsfeeds, and actions. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s book “Off the Sidelines” empowers me today to say the same to you about making our own communities and nation a better place because women rise and lead. We don’t have a choice. Choose to do something positive in your life’s role.

NOTE: If you are interested in running for a political role and don’t know how to get started, one of our members Sharon Nelson of has an online course starting soon that can help you get started. I Learn more at their website.

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