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Wednesday Wisdom – The Business Pendulum

December 2, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Business Advice, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses 

“I can’t wait to travel everywhere as soon as I can,” announced my son planning a ski trip to Utah in January. “It has been too long staying in one place,” perhaps a typical response from a 25-year old. Thoughts of our own west coast adventure in 2020 were put on hold along with a trip to Italy reminded me our vacation plans were halted as well, just like thousands of other people.

Yesterday, a New York Times article crossed my desk highlighting the prosperity of national print media in the election year but also the halting and closing of local print newspapers struggling with the popularity of the digital revolution and the extended pandemic. Success swings in our favor, and not, at times that’s for certain. Like a pendulum, we ride the high points, and wait patiently in the low ones.

Thinking back to the member survey we conducted in April 2020, the statistic that stands out is 65% of our members wouldn’t attend live events until mid 2021. It reminds me as much as I want to greet women in my organization face-to-face, there is a practicality about waiting and hoping the pendulum on live events and small gatherings with like-minded women will swing upward in the near future.

What have you halted during this strange time in history? Are you still marketing your business even if you aren’t getting the response you planned on perhaps sitting in that low position scratching your head? Have you contemplated closing your doors wondering if fate is finally sending you a message or are you throwing cares to the wind and saying, “Hell no, I’m moving ahead as planned?” I must admit, I like a good “Hell no” response any day of the year.

But is “Hell no” practical or is it mentally necessary at times. I wouldn’t have accomplished some of my biggest feats in life if I didn’t jump on that instinct. I wouldn’t have crossed the 2017 Boston Marathon finish line after running 26.2 miles if I didn’t say “Hell no, I’m trying it!” I certainly wouldn’t have created a 25- year career in entrepreneurship, meeting amazing women if I didn’t say “Hell no, I’m doing it!” Making a bold decision takes some thought but mostly a gut instinct to try it after some consideration. Without the “Hell, no,” there wouldn’t be a final decision.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to have you contemplate if you are in the upswing or low point of your business or life pendulum. If you are in the upswing, how can you promote, maintain and take full advantage of what’s working so well so you can replicate it in the future? If you are in a low point, contemplate other low moments in your career or business and remember the fortitude, strategies, or actions that got you going again because before too long your fortune will change.

I would also dare say, think of the “Hell, no, I’m doing it” moments that exhilarated your spirit and life making big challenges worth experiencing and then embrace that feeling and keep riding the wave with a fire in your soul and a smile on your face because as my son said, “It’s been too long to stay in one place.”

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