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Monday Motivation: The Gift

November 16, 2020

Monday Motivation, Inspiration, Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Stationed at the wooden kitchen table, with a hot cup of coffee at my side still dressed in nightwear, bells jingle through my phone not because someone is calling but to announce the catholic priest who is starting the processional for daily mass which makes me sit up straighter like I’d do in the front church pew.  Raised Catholic due to my Italian upbringing, Sunday mass was something never missed, in fact with a mother who liked to show up a half-hour early, we prayed longer than most. Even if it was Saturday night mass and we just came from a full day of downhill skiing with rosy cheeks and tired eyes, we showed up at mass sometimes with our ski boots on jingling down the aisle ourselves.

Faith has always been an essential  part of my life but not appreciated as much as now during this pandemic when the daily worry of loved ones, clients, and even global citizens around the world, fill my mind. Always armed with rosary beads around my wrist as a reminder of my faith, I listen more intently every morning to daily mass, not just Sunday mornings, for words of peace, guidance, perspective and love.

This weekend’s homily given by the presiding priest ushered in a reminder to give to others. The month of Thanksgiving isn’t just about being grateful for our own bountiful lives but to share abundance with others. During the Pandemic when thousands of people have lost jobs or their businesses, can’t pay rent or taxes, and struggle to get food on the table, I wondered what I could do with my limited financial supply, because I’ve lost 40% of my revenue not having live events. “What can I give that doesn’t cost anything and yet offers something valuable,” I pondered at 4 a.m. this Monday morning.

The idea came to me like a flash of lighting, a simple gesture, to help other women entrepreneurs strengthen their own self-care and resilience as loved ones cancel holiday plans, customers retract from contracts, and employees contract Covid-19 putting the business owner in tight work environments. “I’ll offer this week’s self-care program, a one-of-a-kind event being given by a member, as a free event. I won’t collect any money and just offer it,” I said to myself and by 6 a.m. an email was delivered to the masses with the offer. I wasn’t concerned about my bottom line but about giving a gift. 

This Monday Motivation is to remind you that we can all give something to others during this extraordinary time in our history, year, and life. What do you have that doesn’t cost you anything but could benefit someone else in your business community? Is it a free service or extra products from a sales project? How about gently used business books or manuals, inspirational CDs, or past event recordings?  How about gift certificates to a future program or a one-hour strategy session? What is lying around your office you don’t need any more that someone just starting off in business could use – an older desk, chair, file cabinet, novels, etc.? Create a list and push it out through social media or your mailing list. 

Don’t forget as you head into the most important giving time of the year, no matter what your circumstances, to try to offer something to someone because perhaps they’ll be moved to do the same to someone else. This act is just one simple way to change the world for the positive in a time when so much negativity and worry abounds. Be generous in spirit and actions and you’ll change the world around you. 

P.S. If you are a woman entrepreneur or female reading this, you CAN join our special Zoom program on 11/18/20 at Noon (EST) – 1:45 p.m. called “Self-Care to Sustain You in These Times” by clicking on this link and registering. In the “Comment” Section, put “Thanksgiving Gift” and you don’t have to pay.  

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  1. November 16, 2020 11:27 am

    Tracy- What a beautiful post! As an Irish Catholic girl, my childhood was the same. Giving back is a huge part of our lives as we grew up. Thank you for always inspiring us to do better, to share when you can and to give back. You are truly an inspiration my friend.


  2. November 16, 2020 4:00 pm

    Mary: Thank you for sharing your own experiences as a Catholic girl who believes in giving and your wonderful comment. I wish you and your family grace and love this holiday season. Tracy


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