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Wednesday Wisdom: A Taste of Collaboration

November 11, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

River stones laying in a peaceful stream reminded me of the green stones in the handcrafted ring displayed on the third finger of a woman I was speaking with. The silver metal contained the small pieces of rocks supplied by a female lapidary in our organization who custom cuts and makes her own jewelry as well as supplying unique stones to others. It was the prettiest expression of collaboration between two women I have witnessed.

A few days earlier a new self-care program hosted by a woman with years of experience in the field was supported financially in part due to a sponsorship by another female entrepreneur with a complimentary business. If pretty rings can express collaboration, I know for sure women with similar businesses on wellness and serenity coming together to help other women take care in the time of the Coronavirus and political unrest, is equally beautiful. 

Sometimes the meaning of collaboration can be as simple as enjoying one’s favorite orange and vanilla swirl ice cream cone on a 80 degree November day. The frozen delight wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable if it didn’t have a combination of both flavors enticing the palette.

As the holidays approach and advertisements bombard your senses, there is certainly going to be innovative collaborative products and services to entice you to buy and give as gifts. Just as sure as you sip your peppermint latte at your favorite café or drive through “Lights on the Lake” witnessing clever partnership holiday advertising with recognizable brand names, someone is already dreaming up a new concoction with another business in 2021.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is meant to intensify your creative and collaborative nature and ideas as you plan your holiday sales projects. Are you already working with another business on a holiday event, sale or product? Have you considered placing display advertising at a popular Thanksgiving or Christmas community event? Could you and a partner create one-of-a-kind holiday baskets to sell together promoting each other’s items? Could you dream up a cool (or hot) menu item and name it after someone popular in your community who gives a lot to others? How about donating a certain percentage of December sales to your favorite non-profit where they promote your sales event and you promote them?

You don’t have to reinvent the red and white candy cane with new flavors every year to make collaboration a creative outlet for your business – unless you are a caterer with a twist of her own. 

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