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A New Pink Dawn For Women

November 9, 2020

Inspiration for Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners

As the New York City skyline crested over the hill, as our car took its familiar trip to spend 24 hours with our sons to celebrate my 56th birthday, the temperature gauge hit 73 degrees, one of my favorite numbers. Windows cracked the air entered deliciously warm and refreshing as it swirled in the car windows as we listened to MSNBC on Sirius XM. It was four days since the Presidential Election with the country waiting patiently for the results.

Born on 11/7, which are lucky numbers in most gambling facilities and in the bible, my Scorpio intuition was bubbling up inside knowing today might be the day my very pink feminist heart could finally celebrate women rising in the image of Kamala Harris. Only seeing women, where others see men, I was focused on her win – our win as women – as I reminisced about finding suffragist’s grave sites in Syracuse on Election Day just four days ago and celebrating New York State’s women’s suffrage high in the sky in Hudson Yards with my sons and New York State Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul three years ago. The photo of my sons bathed in pink and purple light from the symbolic lights is one of my favorite images.

Just as we entered our oldest son’s apartment, his girlfriend received a text message from a girlfriend announcing the Biden/Harris win. She and I jumped up and down and hugged immediately in jubilance of the news. My son and husband high-fived each other and within a half hour we were sipping white and pink champagne accompanied by hoots, hollers, and horns outside their apartment. The air was lighter than I ever remember and my heart fuller than I thought it could be in the moment of pure relief and exhilaration.

Our youngest son traveled from this East Village apartment via Washington Square delivering us raw video footage of people responding to the news. The large, joyous crowds made me reflect on day after the 2016 Presidential Inauguration where a million people gathered for the Women’s March on DC. With 120 CNY women on two buses I hosted to take us there, we got lost in the hope that someday women would rise higher than before if we stood shoulder to shoulder reminding the new administration women make up 52% of the population.

It may have taken four years of protesting, believing, hoping against hope, supporting, discussing, meeting, and voting to get us to November 7, 2020 but it worked and victory never felt so wonderful.  Celebrating my #56 year on President-Elect #46 Joe Biden’s win reminded me that deep belief, activism, and unity can make anything happen.  

Today’s Monday Motivation is to remind you to set your ambitions high and celebrate your small and big victories whenever they arrive because they will if you keep up the fight to win. 

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