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Wednesday Wisdom: Fuel Your Fire

November 4, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Post-Election Thoughts for Women Entrepreneurs, Women, Female Business Owners

Instead of penning this weekly blog post the morning after the 2020 Election, it is written the day before – more like Tuesday Thoughts – than a Wednesday Wisdom. Like 2016, I might just keep my head under the pillow a bit longer than normal for the reasons you can imagine. But on pre-election eve, inspired by three hours searching up and down craggy hills, trudging upon muddy ancient driveways, and past tombstones so old their writing had disintegrated, I felt like writing what resonated with me in the hallows of the graveyard.

Armed in my pink and black mud boots, “I Voted” sticker attached gently to my see-through pink and white striped scarf, and designations of section and plot numbers of eleven feminists from the late 1800s and early 1900s on a paper in my cold hands, I bent over trying to find their names. Destined for Section 27 where a suffragist mother and daughter both lay in rest in a family plot, I kept getting turned around in the wild and vast grounds of Oakwood Cemetery, never finding them.

“Oh come on, it can’t be this hard to find heroines of the past or can it be?” I muttered to myself tripping over fallen limbs from ancient oak trees. Slightly exasperated I stopped, looked around and then up at the blue sky peeking through russet oak leaves, asking the souls of those I was searching for to direct me to their final destination. Maybe if it was Halloween, it would have worked, but only silence settled around me so I thought about all the people buried in the cemetery wondering if they felt their lives mattered when they died. Would the suffragists know women one hundred years later would be searching for them? Did they wish their work for women’s equality would be carried on by others? How is it that one’s work gets carried on anyways?

The months leading up to the election give us a hint to the answer. When significant ideals and missions catch fire with thousands of different individuals, it naturally fuels the energy of other people in the present and future and the work gets carried on. Simply put, it takes more than one person to make significant change.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom, whether you wake up today happy or disappointed with the outcome of the Presidential election, is meant to make you realize it isn’t the end but just the beginning of something to be continued forth just like your entrepreneurial work and personal mission for your unique life. There is no rest for the weary if we want to make a noteworthy contribution in our lifetime.

Rise up. Rise up again and shine on until one day when you realize you’ve done enough and then you can rest like those I visited today. But until then, carry on and pass on your fuel to fire up others for your future work.

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