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Wednesday Wisdom: Balancing a Tech and Non-Tech World to Succeed

September 23, 2020

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The first time I heard a professor say the word “Cobol” I immediately visualized the brilliant blue color “Colbalt” reminiscent of deep water hues of my childhood growing up lakeside. It wasn’t until the instructor at the head of the classroom, in old Sheldon Hall, referred to the majestic hue as a computer program freshmen computer majors had to learn their first semester of business school, that I realized I heard the word wrong.

In 1982, computers weren’t iPads or smart devices but large, industrial machines that took in punch cards and spit out paper reports. To say I didn’t understand the subject from the moment the lecture began until the end of the long semester is an understatement. To this day I prefer to think of Cobol as that blue shade on the rainbow spectrum.

By the early 1990’s, in the hallow halls of another higher education campus where I worked, entire computer science departments, filled with geeky men, trained college employees on latest computer networks. Grasping new technology was infinitely easier to understand with a keyboard and screen plus an attentive hands-on, dedicated staffer to assist blank-eyed employees from diverse college departments. Some slight amount of previous computer knowledge from SUNY Oswego might have helped me understand better this time around.

Fast forward to early entrepreneurial years as a solo proprietor when using new computers was a matter of reading manuals or asking advice from other business owners to advance my knowledge, systems and programs, until a decade later when online courses, YouTube, and other programs educated us all on how best to utilize our computers, websites, Zoom classes, and video conference calls.

No one knew back in the early 1980s, that our society would rely so heavily on electronics but here we are, more reliant than ever before due to the global pandemic, needing computers to keep us connected to everyone in every facet of our lives and workplaces. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with technology for women my age and older who still have half a life experience in a non-tech upbringing and culture.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you to balance your life in the tech and non-tech world. Gain needed computer and technology education often to help you succeed – especially joining us next week for an online program taught by a woman who loves technology and helping other women business owners with their computers and programs – while balancing out your day off screen. Network face-to-face if you can or work on an outside deck. Write instead of type. Call others instead of text.

Reserve screen time for essential business work and give yourself a break especially now when the hue of the autumn sky is cobalt blue.

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