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Wednesday Wisdom: A Fearless Approach to the Rest of 2020

September 9, 2020

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I followed the flitting white butterflies past the vegetable garden down the back hill to the edge of our pond where they danced in delight among sun-faded purple and orange flowers lining the water’s edge. Following these magical creatures reminded me to enjoy the moment because the second half of this unprecedented work year awaited me in my pool house office. The night prior my husband and I recapped summer memories where we “staycationed” poolside while our New York City sons and their girlfriends, siblings, and their families visited like the white butterflies seeking a bright spot to enjoy if only for a minute.

Easing back into a work routine was made more pleasant than typical as I tuned into the 2020 Boston Marathon Virtual Expo to listen to four empowering women. My feminist idol Kathrine Switzer and Executive Director of Edith Zuschmann spoke about their new program “Move the World” bringing four marathons virtually to women interested in participating. The third speaker was Joann Flaminio, the first female president of the Boston Athletic Association, in charge when the Boston bombing happened. Joann and I ran together in a 5K race in San Antonio near the Alamo and visited it afterward. Finally, the new woman on the call was Jay Ell Alexander, CEO of Black Girls Run, which she took ownership of in 2018.

Like everything Covid-19 related, the 2020 Boston Marathon Expo is now a 12-day virtual experience with interviews, panels, and an array of shopping opportunities from the leading brands in running and wellness. In 2017, the expo is where I purchased my iconic blue and white 2017 marathon jacket (everyone buys one the year(s) they run) and my flip-belt for my phone and earphones, and listened to top runners share their wisdom. Since it is the first time in 124 years there is no Boston Marathon, this 12-day virtual event allows fans to participate virtually. Not a novel idea, but a really cool one nonetheless.

Moved by these four women about remaining fearless in sports, life, and business, I wanted to share their words of wisdom with you today as you venture into the second half of your work year, perhaps schooling children at home or trying to balance your work hours around theirs or doing your best to move forward after a hard partial year of sales due to the pandemic.

* Remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Joann Flaminio

* “I was never afraid to take on big new challenges given to me. Others were but I wasn’t, I was fearless.” Kathrine Switzer

* “The world is crying out for you to join it with your unique talents, passions and interests. They need you! Get involved. Step into leadership roles.” Joann Flaminio

* “Be a role model so other women can model your positive actions.” Edith Zuschmann

* “I didn’t think I could take on Black Girls Run but I soon realized if I didn’t do it perhaps no one would and I couldn’t let that happen. I had to step up.” Jay Ell Alexander

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to let the wise words of these inspirational female leaders shake you up and create action in your bones to take a more daring approach to your work, leadership opportunities, or business developments. We can’t let the pandemic or our own anxiety to keep us at the start line dreaming of a successful run or celebratory finish line with our companies or life. We must act because I believe like Joann does, “The world is crying out for each of us to join it.” It needs us. We need it.

Here’s to a successful second half of the business year to you and other female entrepreneurs everywhere. Don’t forget to spend your money with women every chance you get.

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