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Wednesday Wisdom: It is Possible to Love Your Clients

August 19, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Most business days aren’t filled with a deep sense of love because commerce by nature is about making hard cold cash, competing in a packed marketplace, and making deals. No one goes into business primarily to experience or give love unless they own a match making service. With 365 days on the calendar, most affectionate experiences are felt on non-business days with loved ones or close friends leaving our brains in control Monday through Friday as entrepreneurs.

Yesterday was one of those rare occasions when profound affection overtook my typical entrepreneurial day as I learned about the passing of a 37-year-old customer who lost her life to cancer. In fact, I wrote about her and an online service called Caring Bridge her family used to keep her friends updated on her condition and experiences. Every time I received a message I was hopeful for her progress. When yesterday’s news arrived on my computer, my heart sank for her, her family and those of us who cheered her on. The only emotion my business heart emoted yesterday was love for this brave woman.

I’m lucky than most company executives because my personal focus is on supporting and lifting up women who choose entrepreneurship as their career while sharing my wealth of knowledge and experiences to help them succeed in marketing and branding their companies. Connecting women in business across New York State is also part of my job – I suppose a female business owner matchmaker of sorts. When I meet any woman who comes through my corporate or event doors, social media or websites, I feel an instant commitment to them. It could be the way I was raised or my super-power strength.

As the second night of the Democratic National Convention played out after my office hours were done, the message of love rang again watching Dr. Jill Biden explain her love and belief in her husband as someone warm, committed and willing to put his arms around others in times of need. Love is what we’ve been missing in the past four years and love is always what people desire and need in their lives. Love, love, love.

Today as the clouds build after weeks of sunshine my heart feels the weight of Alicia’s passing again today. As I walked gingerly through wet grass to my poolside, a beautiful black butterfly with a periwinkle spot on his back landed at my feet and a monarch butterfly flew near my head. In an instant I recognized the symbolism to keep their beauty close to my heart as I remembered our friend today.

This Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you it is okay to “love” what you do and “love” who you do it for. Without a deep appreciation for the people that make us entrepreneurs, we retreat into the wood work of ordinary business owners. What truly makes us unique is the amount of love we show for our work and our customers, while they are here and even when they leave.

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