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Share Some Love with Restaurants and Small Businesses

August 17, 2020

Monday Motivation, Inspiration, Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

It’s been five months since I drove to New York City to visit my sons, but now the area is opening in varying safety phases so I headed down. As a staunch supporter of entrepreneurs, I hoped all the quaint restaurants, stores, and shops weren’t going to be boarded up. If there is anything that makes my heart break, it is hearing about any small business that closes due to unforeseen circumstances, financial despair, and lack of customers. There isn’t any other way to feel if you truly support small business.

As we turned into the West Village, a new area of the city where my son and his girlfriend moved on a beautiful weather weekend, the streets in front of many restaurants had strands of white twinkle lights and colored bulbs, flowering plants, linen covered tables with candles, fresh flowers, and full menus. Some venues had live music or piped music playing and many of the tables were full taken with couples or families sitting at them. It felt quite magical compared to what I expected.

We choose a Peruvian restaurant to frequent one night and an Italian one the next. Both served outstanding meals with fresh ingredients, masked waiters, and friendly hosts. Customer service was excellent as these purveyors excitedly served customers again. I even had my temperature checked as I headed inside an establishment to use the ladies room. “We can’t be too careful,” the hostess said. I agreed.

Happily content with our entire outdoor eating experience, I couldn’t help but wonder and worry how these eateries currently exist on rainy days or will handle upcoming cold windy days. I couldn’t even think about these little vistas serving food in the snow to no one visiting them if the pandemic continues. The creativeness by which the current restaurants are being in order to bring in revenue was beautiful and heart-warming. My only wish is they continue to reap the revenue they’ve lost since mid-March.

I can attest to the safety, cleanliness, and delightful family eating experiences our family of six experienced. My prayer and wish is you give the restaurants in your hometowns the business they deserve this time of year. Don’t be afraid to eat from your favorite, or even new restaurants, to support local small business. They need us to be brave enough to spend our money out with them all while staying safe and warming our hearts in the atmosphere of quaint, small, personal service establishments looking to hand out food and hospitality. Small businesses are the back bone of our country.

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