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Wednesday Wisdom: Keeping Your Options Open

August 5, 2020

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A second viewing of the horror movie “It” coincided with a visit by my 18-year-old niece before she heads off to college as a freshman in two weeks. In case you never saw the movie, at one suspenseful part, two teenagers are being chased by an evil clown as they reach a dead end at the end of a long hall only to find 3 doors to choose from to allow their escape. Not knowing which one to select, they opened one door at a time slamming them shut since nothing helpful was behind them. Only the last door appeared to offer an option they could live through.

As my freshman niece told me about her South Carolina college’s choice to postpone the opening of school from August 20th to September 15th, leaving her disappointed, I asked what options she was considering knowing she did not want to begin her freshman year in the same bedroom she grew up in. She presented three options including applying for an exemption to be considered to arrive early staying in the only dorm they have open, trying to afford a 3-week expensive temporary apartment or hotel room in Charlestown, or starting her online courses somewhere else – like Lake Tahoe where a friend invited her to stay and start her courses from afar.

Like any decisions ever made, I suggested she do a gut and brain check to see what works best. Sometimes when you are in a scary situation, you don’t have much time to ponder your options. At other times, your option may be limited by others decisions leaving you hanging. But most times, we control multiple resolutions to small or big problems. The pandemic has made small businesses, like the ones renting in major malls or in the hospitality industry, realize they are at the mercy of the disease, health regulations or government mandates, making them hopeless for economic prosperity or recovery. But entrepreneurs always have options no matter the circumstances, even though we don’t love them all. It’s essential to remember we have more control then we think we have to find viable solutions once we view our situation realistically.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom should make you consider your current economic or personal situation and see if you are stuck feeling void of options. If you are, muster up the energy to create a list of solutions. Write them down until you can’t write anymore. Then, rank the solutions based on complexity, timing, money, and how much the solution will improve your business, and numerically figure out the best next steps or solutions to take. Strategic planning tools can help with this process if your options are complex.

We can get paralyzed like the boys facing the three doors or unable to do what we truly desire like my niece, but we also are smart and creative enough to construct alternative plans and survive – if not thrive. We must get to work figuring out our situation and potential solutions. Keep in mind sometimes we discover options better suited for us than we could have imagined.

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  1. August 5, 2020 1:45 pm

    Thank you Tracy for today’s blog.

    I found it to be exactly what I needed to hear right now, both professionally and personally.

    You are a wealth of knowledge my friend and I hope you and your family are well!


    Sent from my iPhone



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