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Sharing Your Voice with the World Through Writing

June 22, 2020

Monday Motivation, Inspiration, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

The pleasure of writing every day has become a constant in my life. If I think back to my teenage years and before Oprah suggested it, I wrote in a journal documenting personal feelings, adventures, favorite pals, and life experiences because my mother did the same thing. I even submitted poems for publications thinking back then I had wisdom to share with the world even though I was young. When my sons were first born, I started journals for them describing their personalities, celebrations, and experiences of being a mother. They will receive them one day.

When blogging became popular in 2007, it made natural sense I’d be drawn to this new form of marketing using my words in written form to attract followers to my company. At first I wasn’t sure what I would write about and how to make writing a frequent pattern but after hosting Amelia Sauter, an Ithaca woman entrepreneur and blogger, as a speaker at an event, I started writing. I remember her saying, “Just try to write one blog post a week to begin and then go from there.” Taking her advice to heart, I not only started blogging in 2008, but have written probably a million words in my weekly “Wednesday Wisdoms” enewsletter ever since delivering wit, advice, and business success strategies to women entrepreneurs the past decade and a half.

Writing these weekly pieces led me to submitting stories for magazines and in the popular book series “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” and eventually landed me a weekly column to the Syracuse Post Standard called “Ask the Entrepreneurs” which I contributed to for 11 years. All of this led to my first book in 2019 called “Under the Rose-Colored Hat” which made me an official author.

This amazing history of sharing my wisdom and voice with the world opened up countless opportunities for me by enhancing my resume, providing me with speaking opportunities, more print and online storytelling opportunities, and opening my world to fellow female authors. It all started by listening to one woman speak at an event and the rest is history.

This Wednesday, June 24th, I am paying this inspiration forward by hosting an online Zoom presentation called “Getting Your Wisdom and Story Heard” sponsored by the New York Women’s Business Center by Sharon CassanoLochman, Founder of Ontario Shore Publishing, who helped me get my book launched. I believe strongly she will inspire women to take that one step – or pen stroke – towards getting their own stories heard via blogging, articles, book submissions, or authoring their own paperback. If you have even a slight interest or desire to write, I invite you to join me by registering at this link.

I am most proud of being an author and leaving my voice in a permanent form in our world.

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