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Monday Motivation: Summer Brand Inspiration

June 8, 2020

Monday Motivation, Wisdom on Summer Brand Inspiration, Marketing Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

A decade into running my second company with its very distinguishable looking brand color of fuchsia – a match of my two grandmothers favorite colors red and light pink – I decided to buy some merchandise for corporate events bringing women together. Whether it was for 5K fundraising runs done together in the USA or walking arm-in-arm in Washington DC in January 2017 at the Women’s March on Washington, or in subsequent feminist or athletic programs like the all-women marathon in England, my bright shirts with matching light pink hats that read “Women Supporting Women in Business, Sports, Equality, and Life” are part of our group look.

Not every day is an activist, athletic, or business day, but during the “life” part of a week, I don my bright shirt, hat accompanied by pink sunglasses and head out for a bike ride, run, or errand. I’ve always believed a smart woman entrepreneur wore her brand colors to get noticed and remembered. Having lost all my hair to alopecia, I’m never sure if I get recognized more for my bald head or bright fuchsia outfits. Pink from head to toe….yes my socks match my shirt and hats.

After a nine-mile bike ride today and thirsty after the summer sun rode along with me, I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a favorite refreshing bright pink strawberry coolata. As I pulled up to pay a teenage boy looked at me, read my hat out loud which said “Women Supporting Women” and said, “Are you a feminist?” To which I said gleefully, “Well, Yes I am! I promote women who own their own companies across New York State.” He responded, “Oh.” I added one more caveat, “I raised two sons too who are both feminists now – one of them wears pink shirts too.” He had no reply.

As I drove off with a smile outlined in bright pink lipstick bought from a member Gina Dier of Younique, I laughed a bit wondering if I taught him anything today since he might be done with his high school classes due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. I love when I have the chance to share my beliefs with others through printed wearables, brand colors, and answers to questions. Make sure you are wearing your brand so you can answer the same type of questions on a hot summer afternoon to a complete stranger.

Next time you wear pink, why not check out the Women TIES Website and buy from or hire a woman entrepreneur helping with my mission of stregthening the financial world today and in the future for women until we have a pay equality law. Have a pink day!

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