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Ordinary Moments of Resilience During the Pandemic

April 30, 2020

Inspiration and Thursday Thoughts during the Coronavirus Pandemic and National Pause

As the wind almost stopped me in my tracks walking up my old hilly country road, I passed two tall silos, once filled with corn, standing a perfect 6′ apart from each other as if they knew this was the safest distance to reside. Fluttering around the skeleton framework of an old barn two birds surfed the wind stopping mid-flight only to roll backward in delight with flapping wings. Just like California surfers riding the salty ocean waves, these joyful birds twirled, whirled, and gleefully went back for more action. If they could love the moment of full-throttle wind at the top of the hill, so would I.

Without wings or hair to flap in the wind, the strangest sensation of my eyelash-free eyelids flapping due the wind’s speed awoke me to this new experience but it didn’t stop my determination to reach the hill’s crest to view the valley of splendid rich green foilage on top of muddy farming hills not yet planted with corn. Passing along the edges of the rough road, I looked down to behold the beauty of tiny new purple flowers blooming here and there and everywhere as if to present me with a gift for my tenacity.

As I took in the beautiful vista that spilled out at the apex of the climb, the billowing clouds streaked by as if late for a party. Where were they going in such a rush I wondered, don’t they know the world has slowed down to take care of itself for awhile? Taking in one last gust of air in my lungs and shifting my weight to have the wind at my back, I was pushed back down the hill, past my new friends the birds and the flowers until I passed the familiar red barn lined with a black fence containing horses munching on their grassy lunch.

Our new way of living with the Coronavirus Pandemic might feel like the ferocious air keeping us from moving forward freely, but the moments of fluttering, playful birds, hungry horses, and spots of vibrant flowering plants along with our own patience and persistence will see us through especially if we gently allow ourselves to enjoy small, ordinary moments of resilience.

Stay positive my friends.

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