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Long Time Business Relationships Count Even More Today

April 3, 2020

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About seventeen years ago when I stood on the stage as the emcee of the first large women entrepreneurship conference of its kind in Syracuse, New York, a woman came up to introduce herself to me. “Hi, my name is Yvonne and I’m from Rochester, New York,” Yvonne told me about her love for writing and blogging. We made an instant connection. After a number of years, I took my company Women TIES to Rochester and Yvonne was there to attend and share its name with others in her community. She eventually relocated to Denver, Colorado but since we were friends I kept her blog link attached to mine.

We touched base from time to time about our similar dedication for supporting women in business in different ways. Earlier this year, Yvonne reached out telling me she relocated back to her hometown in New York State, another place I bring my events. She asked if she could interview me for her popular blog which included a thirty-minute podcast about women female authors which included me. Of course, I agreed. The interview was taped last week and premiers today at or at

If there is one secret to my success in 25 years in business as a woman entrepreneur through the crisis of 9/11, the financial downturn of 2008, and today’s Coronavirus crisis, it’s about remaining authentically interested, loyal, and connected to people who were once part of your world. Anyone can burn a bridge after disappointments or because people must move on in life and business, but I suggest today you hold on tight to your personal connections over time.

Small business owners don’t have to be collecting revenue consistently from past clients or current relationships to keep them on their mailing lists, social media marketing accounts, or events to maintain sincere bonds of friendship, support, and respect that can last decades. If there was ever a time to reach back out to people who matter in your business and life, it is today when life is so uncertain. We could all use one more person in our corner.

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