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Wednesday Wisdom – Prime Time to Learn New Business Skills During the Coronavirus

April 1, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Hump Day, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Small Businesses

Last summer I set up a secondary office in the pool house envisioned, designed, and built by my husband and engineering son seven years ago. It’s a beautiful, peaceful space with creamy peanut butter colored walls with black, red, and white accents. It overlooks our acre property with a pond, small apple orchard, and rolling farm hills. In the distance are a blue silo, hills with spotted cows and dark brown horses, and rows of corn planted by existing farmers. Although our sons thought we lived in the boondocks, especially in their teenage years, we are only 15 minutes from downtown Syracuse.

The desk in my pool house overlooks an aqua blue pool and a large deck. My computer and chair have the best view of it. It is a divine space to write, plan, and promote women entrepreneurs. Now this space has become the headquarters of upcoming inspirational and educational podcasts in light of this pandemic when I can’t host and manage live events where women entrepreneurs and I share success strategies with other women.

As I bounced down the hill in the warm spring rain from our abode to the pool house built into the steep part of the hill, I was ready to teach myself how to record a podcast. My new high tech microphone arrived in the mail so I was ready to go. I soon realized sometimes our interests don’t line-up with our skills. Fairly literate in technology, I consumed as much knowledge as I could to launch my first recording. Four hours later, I left my pool house office scratching my bald head, trying to figure out how I would accomplish this task. It wasn’t as easy as I imagined.

Sparing you too many details except to say, I recorded a perfect first message only to discover the microphone wasn’t turned on. I eventually ended up with a private podcast message for my members. Able to load it on my website, for the time being, I realized without the social lockdown, I wouldn’t have had the tenacity or time to stick with learning this new skill. As busy small business owners, we rarely have the time to learn, test, retest, and implement new skills and technologies with other priorities and interruptions.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to motivate you to use this unexpected time on your hands to take a stab at learning something new in your business that you’ve wanted to learn, test, and succeed in implementing. Without phones ringing or orders being filled, there isn’t a better time to take the quiet of our days immersed in trials, failures, and retrials in getting something new done in business. Perhaps you’ve wanted to learn to trademark your business name, creating your own corporate advertisements through a program like Canva or finally learning Excel. Write a list of top 3-5 topics to perfect or supplement your current skills so when the time comes you are ready.

I guarantee you will feel proud you accomplished something new or taught yourself a new tool or hired another woman entrepreneur to teach you through online learning. Use this time wisely and you’ll benefit greatly in the end. Then I can interview you in my pool house on a podcast designed and promoted perfectly to help us both as we overlook an aqua pool and share our wisdom with the world.

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