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Hope is What We Need Today

March 30, 2020

Monday Motivation, Hope and Wisdom

Oh, how I love the word hope. Its name springs eternal in my mind where light meets dark, insight banishes doubt, and anxiety is reduced to fearlessness. Sometimes in childhood hope was as simple as wishing for a sunny, warm day to enjoy the lake next to my house. Other days it was wishing for straight A’s on a test. As I grew older, hope was praying I got accepted into the college of my dreams and eventually marrying the man for me. Wedded bliss led to the eventual motherhood after a miscarriage. Today hope resides in praying my two sons are safe working and living in New York City especially with one of them in the medical field.

We hope for different things throughout the course of our lives – some big and some small. At times hope is simple while other times it looks like the complexity of a spiderweb. Hope can be loud searing through our heads or settled in our soul with a subtle knowing. Hope is vibrant and rarely dull in its purpose leading us forward.

As the pandemic strikes our beautiful globe, every human being hopes for a resolution to its destruction on our planet and lives. We silently pause at home, distancing ourselves from loved ones and community, hoping to keep everyone safe. Through quiet periods of meditation, solo fitness routines, online prayer services, musical concerts, and distance learning, we exist, live, breathe, and hope for a solution.

Never one to be pessimistic too long when faced with defeat, hope truly rests internally for me and easy to grasp even on the cloudiest days. Perhaps born with a sunny disposition, I only see the good in most situations and strive to share that outlook with others who might not have it. Hope is in my genes as much as my father’s brown eyes and my mother’s perfectly shaped lips. All I have ever wanted to do is share that rosy-outlook with others along with wisdom and friendship to all who need it – especially women entrepreneurs who might need it most running a business.

My wish today is you allow hope to rise up in you no matter how sad, mad or confused you are during this hardship. The sun doesn’t have to shine to feel it. We don’t have to be together in person to give it. We only need to understand hope is within us free to give to others. I love people. I love our world. I know with certainty and hope we will get through this together.

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