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Wednesday Wisdom: Love is a Must in Business Now

March 25, 2020

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration, Motivation, Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Female Business Owners

We would all agree these times are stressful. Heightened fear, anxiety, low work production/income or working extra hours due to staff lay-offs, has contributed to a more uncertain future for everyone. It is normal to feel this way with this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, but as women entrepreneurs, we are still providers to the public when double-checking our tempers and manners are of utmost importance.

Due to my continued health issues, I had to see two of my doctors on Monday and Tuesday. Typically mild-mannered and fairly nice in past visits, I found these two female physicians both angry and temperamental with my logical, medical questions. Wearing my “LOVE” hat, I remained calm in both scenarios as I thought about my son working in a New York City hospital, worried himself. If I was wearing a love hat, I didn’t feel I could display anything but love and patience during my visits.

As leaders in our workplaces and communicators to our clients, especially in these days and months ahead, we should remember to check our tone, words, and demeanor to be as professional and positive as we can. Even though we might be anxious about today, tomorrow, and the near future of our businesses, loved ones, lives, and the world, doesn’t give us reason to lash out on others even if we feel like it. If there was ever a test of leadership for us as business owners, it is now in the midst of this crisis.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom inspires you to contemplate what it would be like to wear a “LOVE” hat from this day forward every time you deal with a customer, vendor, employee, associate, neighbor, friend or family member. Visualize wearing this powerful word somewhere on your body or head made visible for all to see. If there is anything we need to be right now, it is loving people, loving leaders, and loving community members to all we come in contact with recognizing this is the most important service we can provide at a time when we have limited choices.

Forgive easily. Check your emotions. Portray kindness. Treat others with love first and foremost. Be different. Be the change. Be the love people need now.

Tip: Turn on Bob Marley’s Playing for Change “One Love” if you need to get in the mood to be in love with everyone you meet today.

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