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Legal Lessons for Women Entrepreneurs

November 20, 2019

Inspiration, Wednesday Wisdom, Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, Small Businesses

As I create this week’s inspirational wisdom, I am also listening to the public impeachment hearings. Political affiliation aside, I find the entire process both fascinating and educational. Never one interested in college courses related to history, law or government instead leaning towards science, math and business classes, the proceedings are opening my brain to new information, verbiage and policies. Be assured they have not motivated me to get a law degree.

Having taken only one required law course to get my business degree, I leave most legal issues as a woman entrepreneur to my attorney, but it doesn’t mean I have ignored opportunities to gain education on legal issues facing a small business owner. I learned early on in my career to create vital business contracts before conducting business with customers, negotiating fees and services with vendors and gaining trademark ownership for corporate logos. Anything else that goes above and beyond my knowledge or deemed serious enough to seek counsel is given to a professional.

There is a common myth that people use only 10 percent of their brains. However recently neurologists disagree with this notion stating silent regions of our brain are involved with our ability to plan, make decisions, adapt to evolving situations and reason. At any moment, we may use 16 percent of our brain. I truly enjoy learning new information to stimulate those other parts of my brain whether its about entrepreneurship, women’s rights, or politics. In doing so, I am enlarging my knowledge making me feel good even if today’s politics don’t.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to remind you that education is truly a key to a successful life – especially the life of a business owner. There is a wealth of new technical and technological programs to learn to advance our businesses, communication systems to connect us globally to potential clients and knowledge in other business sectors that enhance our ability to network and connect with others. We can’t shy away from new useful knowledge even if it intimidates us. We must remain intrigued in advancing our brains as much as we do our businesses.

I hope before the year ends you compile a list of three subjects you need or want more education in and tell us about it so we can plan some useful educational programs for you in 2020 and also seek conferences, online courses or day-long classes that school you in topics of interest. We owe it to ourselves to stay on top of new, relevant information to advance ourselves and our enterprises.

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