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Perfect Reviews To Boost Business

October 9, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom for women entrepreneurs, female business owners, small businesses

Waking up each morning to beautiful blue skies, tropical breezes and a clear blue pool in a safe neighborhood on a tiny island in the south west corner of Florida, I realized the comments made on the VRBO website were spot-on. Standing hand-in-hand, next to my husband flanked by our two sons in the golden twilight on “our” special beach, a female celebrant and creative photographer enhanced our 30th anniversary vow renewal ceremony.

Having never planned such an important event in that part of the world, I relied on positive comments and photos from websites to book the house and special event vendors. After dancing the night away on the house deck with my three guys and swimming until midnight under the starry, balmy skies after the renewal ceremony, we settled into a blissful week of vacation filled with extraordinary good weather and lifetime memories.

The blissful vacation was all due to customer reviews – positive customer comments. If you are like me as a woman entrepreneur, you probably don’t ask customers for testimonials, ratings or public critiques as often as you should. When buyers have a plethora of choices to conduct social or corporate business, a business’ complimentary reviews, ratings and websites can lead unsure clients to the door. It might seem like adding one more task to your to-do-list but consider the payout if you land a client by only taking time to capture and publicize positive reviews.

If you know with certainty you offer outstanding goods and services producing high marks through customer compliments, why aren’t you collecting them routinely and sharing them for future buyers to see? Someone is more apt to buy from you if they read or see repetitive positive comments about your business. Unless they hear about you from word of mouth advertising, they might not know you run an outstanding business.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom hopefully inspires you to reach out to your best customers and ask them for a written testimonial, online Google review or Facebook star rating. If you receive written notes from satisfied customers, ask if the comments can be displayed publicly on social media, marketing pieces or on your website. If you don’t have a testimonial collection plan yet, create one and share it with all staff members so they can collect them too.

Our 30th Anniversary might not have been as nice without booking excellent vendors with stellar services due to fantastic critiques. My dancing at night, under the moonlight with my “new” old husband, might have found me crying in the pool instead. Don’t underestimate the joy of finding fantastic vendors, places and businesses to use to make your average or special experiences perfect.

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