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Signs of a Hopeful Business Day

August 2, 2019

Inspiration, Wisdom, Motivation for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business and Women in Sports

A perfectly round blazing orange sun hung on the recently cut hay field as a fawn and her mother bounced joyfully from one side of the road to the other. A beautiful humid breeze, the kind you find in Florida in February, swirled in the tree tops and through the car windows. The quietness of a mid-summer morning enveloped the scene as the beauty of the morning brought hope to anyone on their way to work. It was a perfect way to begin a work day.

Not all business days start in such perfect accord. Traffic jams, honking horns, or the panic of getting up late throws us off course or into a frenzied day when we are behind in all activities with a grumpy mood accompanying us. Starting a day that way leads to a feeling of never catching up with responsibilities or even wishing the day away.

Why is it imperative to be hopeful every morning of work? I can tell you one thing for sure it is essential for your peace of mind which coupled with a tenacious business spirit helps women entrepreneurs accomplish daily goals. When we are responsible for motivating ourselves to conduct work, make sales calls, create positive marketing messages and chat with clients, the start of our business day can make or break our work mood. Most of us don’t have staff to bolster our confidence, it is our duty alone.

Doing business in and around Central New York is challenging many times in the year based on the weather or economic forecast. National or local news contributes to worry or dismay. Seasonal sales dips don’t help either, so our mindset is paramount to a thriving day, week or quarter.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to inspire you to take the positive energy coursing through our environment, climate and business culture this time of year to elevate your work load, sales plans and goal setting. I believe if it is beautiful outside, we should inhale the feeling to lead us to a beautiful work day. All we need to do is capture the essence of the breeze, light and joy and bring it right into our daily duties or week long planning goals. We miss the inspiration if we don’t acknowledge its affect on our mindset.

Embrace glorious morning views, the quiet vibe of summertime’s lovely settings and relaxed atmosphere to effectively ramp up your internal entrepreneurial spirit to accomplish more in a calming fashion. This wave won’t last forever so ignite your passion and responsibilities while basking in this season’s positive glow.

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