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Wednesday Wisdom: Summertime Business Planning

July 24, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Business Women, Women in Sports

As I look at my calendar, I notice today is the 205th day of 2019. It certainly isn’t the 1st day of January apparent by the temperature, deep green grass or lapping waves of Lake Ontario. Reviewing my calendar this morning I see the activity of work completed since New Year’s Day to today. I analyze it and decide what I haven’t done yet and what needs focus the last 160 days of the year before 2020 arrives.

Just like I lost track of the number of waves crashing on my feet at the shore yesterday, I forget how many goals I’ve accomplished since January when a day leads into another day and a week or month flows into other ones. Only by reviewing my calendar can I remember my entire agenda of events, members I’ve seen or work I’ve done. Time stood still for a moment as I recapped the past 205 days.

Stumbling upon notes from a January Retreat, I remember the excitement of goals set by the moderator and thirteen women who joined me in the frozen beauty of Blue Mountain Lake. When the year turns into a new one, women are motivated to plan and seek guidance if envisioning goals or laying out plans is difficult; but often women entrepreneurs don’t plan time around the 200th day of the year when they might need it most.

Like me you may “retreat” on vacation with family or friends but it’s usually a time of joy and laughter versus serious contemplation of business or life goals. Living in Central New York, we forget summer is a perfect time of the year to refocus and regroup our entrepreneurial goals in the shade of a maple tree, lakeside or even in our air conditioned offices dressed in relaxing clothes.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom to remind you to set a date for yourself alone or with a group of women with an experienced moderator to develop plans and goals for the rest of 2019 and into 2020. When the phones aren’t ringing as much because clients are on vacation, sign up for educational or emotional based learning programs to ignite old or new plans from now until year’s end. Don’t let summer days drift by without planning for the future.

This week’s Woman of the Week, Barb Klein, has a couple wonderful retreats coming up. Take a look at my interview with Barb and learn more about her plans on helping women continue to move forward in their business or personal lives with her contemplative events in August and October. If you need to set sales and marketing goals, join me Lakeside in Rome, New York next week for information to get you started.

When the 365th day of the year is here, I hope you look back content with the amount of time dedicated to envisioning, goal setting, planning and doing! Here’s to making every day count now and every day moving forward.

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