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Living Optimistically

June 20, 2019

Inspiration for women entrepreneurs, women in business, women in sports

As the rain continues to plague our region, even coming down in buckets today, I can’t help but feel cheerful about challenging this weather related darkness into bright inspiration. The color green has never been as deep as it is right now; making me think this is how the rain forests must radiate all the time. The only thing different from the rain forests of Brazil and New York State is their very hot and humid temperatures.

A smart event planner is always an optimistic person but proceeds cautiously with back-up plans in case of weather related emergencies. They insist outside events have alternative locations if the heavens pour, lightening strikes or grounds puddle. Any customer with a weak stomach or nervous attitude about planning and hosting events must plan for inside locales.

Weather is the one factor event planners don’t have control over. We can plan around the weather but can’t forecast it months in advance when plans are finalized and marketing is set. Just like marathon runners training for six months before a large race, they prepare in every weather element to be ready. They say some prayers for race day conditions and acknowledge they are equipped as they can be controlling only the elements they have power over – themselves. Preparation never goes to waste, just like marketing for a wash-out event is never squandered.

The whiff of inspiration that made me feel today’s special event to benefit Women TIES would be a success, whether it rains or not, came from 71 year old running icon Kathrine Switzer’s newspaper article in the Albuquerque Journal sports section announcing her attempt to win tomorrow’s 5K Senior Games race. Kathrine rose to fame running in the 1967 rainy, cold Boston Marathon when women weren’t allowed to run in it. K.V. Switzer completed the 26.2 miles only to be disqualified because she was a woman. 50 years later she runs on in the Senior Games and I bet she wins that 5K race!

Today when the weather has you feeling blue, think of how much you have to gain mentally and spiritually by accepting the “rainy conditions” of your life, business or even today’s weather and get in the game. We can sit on the couch discussing poor conditions and wallowing in pity or we can put on our sneakers, rain gear and optimistic attitude and keep living on living or running. It’s all based on your perspective and will.

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