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Wednesday Wisdom: Life Is A Playground

May 22, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom, Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs, Female Business Owners, Women in Sports

Sitting in the morning sunlight, I opened up Outlook Express to see a message from my bank. It wasn’t a standard notification about my account but rather an announcement for a unique marketing opportunity they were hosting in conjunction with a professional sports team. As the bright yellow rays from the sun poured onto my keyboard warming my chilly fingers, I clicked open the announcement, read it and immediately started applying for it. Why not take a chance to brand my company name, mission and one of its divisions to a massive audience.

After two hours on the submission, I wondered if I had too much coffee in my system or too many endomorphins from completing yoga a few minutes earlier that made me jump at this opportunity. Then I walked to my pool sat down and meditated on the importance of my life work supporting women and decided the 120 minute investment was well worth the potential reward. I’ve always been an optimistic person so my positive attitude might be more emotional than logical when it comes to winning a large marketing package to take my company further.

After submitting the proposal, I remembered seeing a social media marketing post a couple days earlier from exhilarated Women TIES member Deborah Cabral, The DeClutter Coach. Deb was in Washington, D.C. attending an event to see her idol Oprah Winfrey. Deb and I have shared our personal Oprah stories so I knew how excited she was traveling far to see her again. Her excitement alone might have been the fuel that inspired me to submit a proposal for this big opportunity. One woman’s excitement is enough to fuel another woman’s enthusiasm. Deb has always dreamed big and moved fast making her a very successful woman in business with her own television show and multiple corporate divisions.

A woman might not suspect how motivational another woman’s success story is to their own dreams. I have always believed women entrepreneurs love being inspired by other women. It’s one of the reasons “women….together….inspiring… entrepreneurial….success” are in Women TIES acronym. I know women need each other to ignite each other’s big and small dreams. We depend on it to catapult us into the stratosphere for larger achievement goals.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom hopefully encourages you to soak in the extraordinary success of other women in business so it fuels you. Our egos can help but our insecurities can also hold us back. What would happen if you spent two hours applying for a really big time opportunity or spent two days in the company of a female business icon? The worst that could happen would be wasting some time. The best that would occur is motivation to try something new expanding your hope and horizons and even accumulating something grander.

“If you don’t try, you can fail; and if you fail, you can always get back up again,” is my personal motto. It is what I have lived by using courage, guts and faith to help me attain big goals. I hope today you are inspired to live this motto alongside me because my friends life is a playground and we need to enjoy it!

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