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Friday Work Plan for Women Entrepreneurs

February 8, 2019

Friday Work Plan and Friday Feelings for Women Entrepreneurs, Women in Business, Small Business Owners

Troubled by too many tasks I wanted to do this Friday morning, I took off in my wind gear walking briskly up my country road with a blue and white dotted sky above me. At times the wind was so strong I thought I’d be carried off the road into muddy cornfields. Getting in a work out of some sorts was top of my morning list along with going to church to pray the rosary for my son’s safe trip to Italy tonight. You can tell right there I’m a faithful, Italian Catholic girl raised on strong beliefs trusting God to help me through life. I’m touched my son is visiting the birthplace of my Italian Grandfather tomorrow when he arrives in Rome, Italy but my motherly worries for a safe flight can’t be ignored.

So I did what any intelligent busy woman entrepreneur would do, I decided to say my novena as I walked up the road. Health and faith led the way. I counted rosary prayers on my fingers as I got blown around. I lost track a couple of times and asked God to forgive me for this very rustic way to pray. Thinking my devotion wasn’t going well, I remembered a visiting priest once say, “God hears your prayers always, no matter where you are praying.” When the sun kept coming out behind the clouds, I knew he was listening.

Sometimes Friday is the perfect day for women entrepreneurs to combine personal and business activities. Most of us put in long hours this week only to face another long work week after the weekend. I learned coming back from my medical sabbatical to take my Friday’s off to balance my mind and body to stay as healthy as I could while still healing. If we are successful women business owners, we know there are days for grinding out projects, sales calls and plans producing ten hour work days so why not allow a Friday here and there to be a day to take it easy combining work and pleasure along with nature and faith?

Monday morning will arrive like it always does like the strong gusty wind trying to blow me off my path. It comes no matter if we work hard or take it easy on Friday so lighten up today and give yourself a break, rest or more pleasurable activities like I did this morning to give yourself peace of mind, relaxation and good health. I look forward to seeing you Monday rearing to go again!

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