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Live Positive Women Entrepreneurs!

January 30, 2019

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What possibly could inspire you to work on such a frigid day with the Polar Vortex in our vicinity? What I have witnessed taking photos of nature to add to my creative writing is how crystal clear outside images appear on 4 degree days. The sun never looks so bright or the snow so sparkly then on cold mornings. The trees look especially rustic and the blue grey pines on a blue spruce tree get more contrasting with snow on their branches. Different hues of blue and grey color the skies and the red barn outside my window is the most beautiful rich color on cold mornings. Why is that? It is clarity at its best.

Before you join other people clamoring about the conditions, why not consider the gifts a cold morning can bring to your professional life. The clearness of this morning might accompany a morning meditation for clarity in your business goals. The beautiful yellow-orange sunrise rays might trigger a warm feeling in your heart to reach out to customers and say hello. The green tints of spruce branches might inspire you to do sales calls because green is a color all women entrepreneurs like in their bank accounts. One cold day is not a mandate to stay in bed or complain but quite the opposite.

Someone on my Twitter feed living in a year round warm climate said, “Every day seems like the same day when the warmth is all around you. I miss the changes in season.” A refreshing reminder for us that the grass might literally be greener on the other side of world, but is life as impactful, colorful, challenging, glorious and palpable as it is right now? Don’t call me an optimist but rather someone who chooses to look outside her window to see the beauty and gifts life presents. It is similar to the philosophy of looking at a glass half empty or half full. Which way do you choose to see your world?

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is a gentle reminder that you control how you feel and whether you see the elements, conditions or circumstances in your life from a positive or negative perspective. Does your perception shape your outlook on business duties, feelings or action? If you choose to see the negative in this Polar Vortex day, what will you accomplish or miss accomplishing focusing on the circumstances you cannot change? Check in with your mood this morning and readjust it if it’s needed.

I can tell you as a bald woman now, instead of whimpering about having a really cold head, I go to my favorite drawer of pink hats and plop one on my head as I listen to my 15 year old cousin Jake’s piano recital, drink my dad’s favorite coffee, prepare for my Syracuse event tomorrow were I will see women I love and write from the depth of my heart to inspire women like you. Live as positive as you can! You have the choice.

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