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Women Entrepreneurs: Retreat Within To Find Direction in 2019

January 16, 2019

Wednesday Wisdom, inspiration, motivation for women entrepreneurs, women in business, women in sports

Nestled in the tall pines and crystal clear mountain air inside a log lodge with floor to ceiling windows sixteen women sat, shared and listened to each other’s place in the world. The event was a weekend retreat to let go of the past, stand in the present and set intentions for the future. Each woman had to be willing to be honest with herself acknowledging any pain or circumstances that brought her to this quiet, deep place in bottomless blue skies absent of clouds or wind where the below zero temperatures and Adirondack beauty took ones breath away only allowing for vital internal conversations with self. Magical is a word to describe the setting and experience.

Each woman was there to expose themselves to a deep truth resting in their spirit which was allowed through the space held for them by the other women in the experience. Fate drew the women experiencing the weekend together as if they were woven together in a colorful fabric of healing, hope and dreams. Trusting the experience, gifted facilitator and women in the room was paramount to leaving the weekend with the one lesson that needed to emerge from within.

There was time for quiet walks in stunning nature views, gentle laughter near open fire, comfortable space in private bedrooms that looked out on Blue Mountain Lake and gathering circles for everyone to meditate, envision, and share what they needed most to move forward. There were either bright lit rooms for brilliant crafting of vision boards, goal sheets and plans or dimmed rooms in the evening for hands on each other’s back, candlelight, and deep immersion into the gentle words spoken from each woman to another. Both scenes illuminated the experience.

By the time the weekend was over each woman was washed in self love, deep female friendship and an alert understanding of where they are in the moment looking forward with clarity to the future. It was hard to have the weekend conclude and say goodbye with long lasting hugs to the women within the experience but possible through the internal awareness and light we gleaned from the experience. We were ready to leave and embark on a new path.

Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is to inspire you to commit to a deep retreat sometime this year when you can give yourself a similar experience of letting go of the past, standing in the present and envisioning your future. You can experience a retreat through someone who plans one or an organization that offers them or simply by taking yourself away into the woods or near the beach. Its only January so you have plenty of time to set a date in your calendar to give yourself the gift of a retreat in which you let go of the past and move into the truth of now with brighter eyes for your personal and entrepreneurial future.

I wish this experience for you and hope to bring some of the healing thoughts, great insights and beautiful visions into some of our Women TIES programs. I hope you will join me in the events and experiences we will set for you.

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